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ZAYN:  You get a phone call from Zayn while you are out grocery shopping, and it doesn’t take you long to figure out that he is angry and upset.  He’s rambling so fast that you can barely make out what he’s saying.  Finally you just cut him off.  “What are you talking about?  I don’t even know what’s going on.”  He takes a deep breath and starts over, more slowly this time.  “I have a tabloid in front of me with a very obvious picture of you and some guy getting all close.”  “What?!” you exclaim, making your way towards the front of the store where the tabloid racks are standing by the registers.  Sure enough, you spot the one in question; the headline blaring “Is Zayn a Single Man Once More?”  “I don’t even know where this garbage came from!” you nearly shout before remembering that you’re in public and the last thing you need is to cause a scene that stirs up more gossip.  “What’s going on, [Y/N]?  Are we… Are we over?” he asks you, and you can hear him starting to get a little choked up at the thought.  “No!  No, Zayn, of course not.  Even if this were true, I at least would have had the decency to tell you and not wait for you to find out from a tabloid.  You should know better than to believe everything you read, babe.”  “I know, I know.  I guess I just got freaked out and jumped to conclusions.”  “Well, for the record, he was just some drunk jerk who thought he had every right to make moves on me one night while I was out with my friends.”  Zayn laughs, relieved that he had been so wrong.

NIALL:  “What’s wrong?” you ask Niall one morning after noticing he’s seemed a bit down in the dumps.  “Ahh, it’s nothing,” he tries to shrug off, but you know it’s something.  “You can’t lie to me, you know.  Something’s bothering you.”  “It’s just something I saw online.  I’d really rather forget about it actually.”  “That’ll be pretty hard to do if it’s having this big of an effect on you.”  You take a seat next to him and wait for him to explain his mood.  “It’s just that I saw something online the other day that said you’d been seen out with some other guy while I was on tour.  And I keep telling myself that it’s not true, because I know you and I know you would never do anything like that to me.  But at the same time, I guess there’s this litle insecure part of me that keeps telling me that there is the chance it could be true…” he trails off, looking into your eyes earnestly.  “Niall,” you coo, “you silly twit, of course that’s not true.  Why would I do something like that to you?”  “You wouldn’t, I know you wouldn’t, I just-“  “Its fine,” you cut him off, “no need to explain.  I was out with another guy while you were away, but you knew that.  Remember I told you my cousin was coming from out of town?  He’s never been to this city before and wanted the grand tour, so we spent a couple days out and about doing touristy things.”  Niall laughs at himself for forgetting about your cousin’s visit, shaking his head in amusement at his forgetfulness.

LIAM: ”Is everything ok between us?” Liam asks you out of the blue one evening while you’re eating dinner.  “Yeah, why?”  “It’s just that you’ve been spending an awful lot of time with that new friend of yours,” Liam starts off carefully, not wanting to start an argument.  “What’s your point?” you question, putting your fork down and beginning to get a little mad.  “Nothing, nothing.  It’s just… You don’t have feelings for him, do you?”  You realize now where this conversation is headed.  “Liam, you don’t think I’m cheating on you, do you?”  He remains silent and his lack of response is all the confirmation you need.  You reach across the table to place a hand on his.  “Liam, I’m beyond happy being with you.  I’ve never felt happier in my life.  You know that.  He’s just a friend - someone I can spend some time with while you’re gone all day at rehearsals or on tour for weeks on end and I don’t get to see you much.  We have a lot in common and he’s easy to talk to.  That’s all.  Not to mention, he’s in a happily committed relationship too.”  Liam smiles.  “I’m sorry for thinking like that, it’s just that I wouldn’t be able to bear it if I lost you.”  “Well lucky for you, I’m not going anywhere.”  His smile widens as he gives your hand a light squeeze.

HARRY:  “What’s this?” he demands, dropping a tabloid down on the coffee table in front of you.  It’s folded open to a picture of you looking very lovey-dovey with a guy who definitely isn’t Harry.  You stare at it for a moment before realizing where you had seen that picture before.  Without any prelude, you pull your laptop into your lap.  You log onto your Facebook page, click the mouse a couple times, and then turn the computer around to face Harry.  He finds himself staring at the same exact picture as the one in the magazine.  “That’s my old boyfriend.  The one I was with right before you.  Apparently people slunk around my Facebook and pulled it out of one of my albums.  It’s an old picture, Harry.”  He nods a bit, lost for words to say.  You turn the computer back towards you, click a couple more times, and close the lid.  “There, that’ll solve that.  I just deleted my account.”  “I’m sorry about that,” he finally says, rubbing a hand across the back of his neck.  “Can’t say I blame you.  I probably would’ve done the same thing,” you say, flashing him a smile to show there are no hard feelings.

LOUIS:  You walk into your bedroom and catch Louis snooping though your purse.  “Excuse me!” you say, causing him to stop dead and look up at you.  “What exactly are you doing?”  “Ok, I’m just gonna be up front with  you - are you cheating on me?”  “What?!  No, of course not!  Where would you ever get such a ridiculous idea?”  “I’m not sure really.  It’s just something I started thinking about and then I got worried.  I didn’t mean to snoop, I just wanted to see if there was any evidence of another guy.”  “And what exactly did you think you’d be finding in my purse?  A pair of his boxer shorts, or something?”  “I don’t know exactly…  I’m an idiot,” he concludes after a pause.  “Not gonna argue with you there,” you agree lovingly as you take him into your arms and plant a passionate kiss on his lips.

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