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LOUIS:  Louis had been gone all day and you had no clue where he had taken off to.  He hadn’t been answering any of your calls or texts that you’d sent throughout the day, and as dusk begins rolling in, you start getting nervous.  He finally walks through the door as you’re getting dinner ready.  You sigh in relief.  “Thank God you’re back - I was beginning to think something happened!”  He chuckles.  “What could have possibly happened?”  “I dunno, it’s winter.  The roads get slippery at night when it starts cooling back down.  And you didn’t answer any of my calls,” you’re rambling as Louis takes his coat off and hangs it up in the hall closet.  When he comes back into the kitchen, you finally get a good look at his face.  “Where were you today?” you ask suddenly angry, placing your hands on your hips.  “Huh?” Louis asks, baffled by your sudden change in tone.  “Who is she?  Who were you with?”  “What are you talking about?”  “Well, you were gone all day, not answering your phone, and now I find lipstick on your cheek.  So just tell me, who’s the skank you’ve been seeing behind my back?” you accuse, the hurt evident in your eyes.  Louis bursts out in laughter.  “I wouldn’t call your grandmother a skank to her face, she might not like that much.”  “What?  My grandmother??”  “Yeah, your grandmother.  I went to go visit her today and we ended up having lunch and talking all afternoon.  She gave me a kiss as I left, and I guess I just didn’t wipe it all off.  And you of all people should know her huge pet peeve of cell phones, so I had it shut off while I was there.  Speaking of which, I should probably turn it back on now…”  Your face turns pink in embarrassment.  “Sorry,” you mumble, turning back to dinner on the stove.  Louis chuckles, “It’s alright.  But, baby, you should know I would never do that to you,” he says snaking his arms around your waist and resting his chin on your shoulder as you cook.

HARRY:  You’re tidying up the house a bit when you open Harry’s drawers to put some of his clothes away.  Tucked in the back of one drawer are two pairs of women’s underwear that you are absolutely positive aren’t yours.  Your heart breaks at the thought of Harry being with someone else, especially without having the decency to just end things with you first.  You ball the panties up in your fist and stomp your way to the living room where Harry is playing a video game.  “Pause it!” you demand, standing directly between Harry and the screen.  “Whoa…  What has your panties all in a bunch?” Harry asks you.  “Interesting choice of words,” you state, shoving the panties out in front of you.  “Where did these come from?” you interrogate.  “Where dd you find those?”  “In your drawer.  Now answer the question,” you say, feeling yourself beginning to grow hysterical.  “Baby, relax.  It’s not what you’re thinking.  Some fans threw those onto the stage years ago and Lou gave them to me as a practical joke.  I had forgotten all about them - honest.”  You calm a bit at his words, but he can tell you’re still upset.  “Here, call Louis yourself and ask him, if you don’t believe me,” Harry says pulling his phone out of his pocket and handing it to you.  “No, it’s fine.  I believe you…”  “Gimme more credit than that, babe.  I would never do something like that to you.”  “I know,” you admit, “I just freaked out and immediately thought the worst.”  Harry grabs hold of your wrist and tugs you down onto the couch next to him to give you a loving kiss on the temple.

LIAM:  You’d been catching Liam having whispered conversations on the phone that always stop the moment you enter the room.  After talking to your friend about it, she’d put the idea in your head that he might be keeping something from you.  You can’t imagine what, and soon you begin believing the worst.  You work harder at trying to catch bits of his conversation and so far you’ve overheard: “No, [Y/N] cannot find out about this, it’ll ruin everything” and “I don’t think she knows, but she might be on to us.”  After days of this, you finally just can’t take it anymore and confront him about it.  “Liam, we really need to talk…”  “What’s up, babe?”  “I know you’ve been sneaking around behind my back,” you come right out with it.  “You do?”  You nod your head sadly.  “Look, if you’ll be happier with someone else, then we should just end things now before it gets anymore complicated,” you tell him, keeping your eyes fixed on the floor.  “Wait, what?  Someone else?  Baby, there’s no one else…”  “Huh?” you ask, finally looking at him.  “But I’ve heard you saying things about me not finding something out…”  “Yeah, I’ve been talking to your family.  I wanted this to be a surprise, but I guess I kinda ruined that one.  I’m flying them out here for a couple weeks since you haven’t seen them in ages.”  “Really??” you ask, your eyes lighting up.  “Really!  I can’t belive you thought I was cheating on you.”  “I’m sorry, I just…  I dunno…  I’m an idiot.”  Liam shrugs, “Yeah, but you’re my idiot, so I guess it’s ok.”  You giggle and jump into his arms as a massive thank you for being so wonderful.

ZAYN:  You and your girlfriends are having a Girl’s Night In one Friday night while Zayn and the boys are on tour.  You’ve loaded the freezer with all your favorite ice cream flavors, have your favorite chick flicks ready to play all night long, and have an array of trashy gossip magazines spread out all around you.  You’re all enjoying your time, laughing your heads off and feeling like middle schoolers at a slumber party.  Suddenly, your friend’s face goes slack and she slams the magazine she’d been looking at shut.  “What’s wrong?” another friend asks.  “Nothing!” she answers quickly, too quickly.  “Oh no,” you groan, “is there a terrible picture of me and Zayn in there or something?”  Your friend sighs and reopens the magazine.  “No, but maybe it’s best you find out while we’re here instead of when you’re by yourself…”  You look puzzled as your friend hands you the magazine, opened up to a picture of Zayn with another girl you’ve never seen before.  His arm is drapped around her shoulders as they walk along outside.  “Oh my God…” you say, your body suddenly feeling limp.  You get up to leave the room and call Zayn.  You explain the picture you found, and can’t help the tears that stream down your face as you finish.  “Baby, baby, calm down.  That’s not it at all.  She’s a childhood friend that I hadn’t seen in years.  We were just messing around.  The arm on her shoulders was just a casual thing, I promise.”  “How can I trust that?”  “Because you trust me, baby.  Check some old photos if you don’t believe me.  Call my mom.  I don’t care.  Do whatever you have to to know that I’m not lying,” Zayn pleas eagerly.  Something in his voice makes you resign your argument.  “I believe you…  I love you, Zayn.”  “I love you too, more than I can ever express, love.  And I would never do anything to mess that up.”

NIALL:  Niall had been texting a lot more than usual lately, and every time he checked his messages, he always seemed to have one that made him grin from ear-to-ear.  You try to ignore the nagging feeling you have, chalking it up you just being paranoid.  One day it just becomes too much and you have to ask him about it.  “Who’ve you been texting so much lately, babe?” you ask in what you hope is a casual tone.  “Ah, nobody important,” he answers as he reads and laughs lightly at yet another text.  “You know, you used to laugh that way when we would send secret texts to each other at parties and things…” you comment.  “Nahh, I didn’t laugh like this, babe.  It was a different laugh,” he answers only half-paying attention to you.  “Just tell me who you’re texting,” you command.  “Are you flirting with someone else?” you accuse.  Niall laughs out loud at this, “What??  Are you nuts?  Of course I’m not!”  “Then who is it?”  “My brother.”  Niall turns his phone screen to face you so that you can see for youself.  “We’ve been texting hilarious movie quotes back and forth to each other for the last few days,” he explains.  “Oh…really?  Just your brother?”  “Just my brother,” Niall confirms.  He tosses his phone aside and pulls you into his arms.  “Clearly I haven’t been paying enough attention to you these last few days, though,” he says as he strokes your hair.  You smile appreciatively and let Niall continue to play with your hair for a while longer.

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