22 6 / 2012

ZAYN:  “I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun…” you’re belting out as you lather up your hair with shampoo.  You normally don’t sing One Direction songs, but Zayn is at the studio so you have the house to yourself.  You continue singing that song repeatedly throughout your shower, as it’s been stuck in your head for days now.  Once you’ve finished up and shut off the water, you step out of the shower still humming the song.  You shimmy your way into the bedroom where Zayn is sitting on the bed grinning at you.  You jump, not expecting him to be there.  “Is it safe to assume you want to break some tables tonight?” he asks you cheekily, causing you to blush.

NIALL:  Niall’s at the gym so you take advantage of the alone time to belt out one of your favorite songs that the boys sing.  You’re singing Gotta Be You loudly and completely off-key when you suddenly hear a guitar playing along.  You rip back the shower curtain just enough to poke your head out and gasp when you see Niall standing there with his guitar.  Your face burns in embarrassment as Niall just looks at you with an amused smile on his face.  “Go on, then.  I thought we could have a little shower duet.”  You laugh a bit before returning to your shower and picking up the song where you had left off, Niall playing and humming along.

LOUIS:  You’re mindlessly singing One Thing in the shower one morning while Louis grabs some breakfast.  You hadn’t thought you were being loud enough for him to hear, but suddenly his voice interrupts your song, “You’re getting a bit pitchy on the chorus there, love,” he critiques.  You peek through the shower curtain and glare at him.  He’s standing there with his bowl of cereal in his hands.  He takes a bite before saying, “Let’s try it together.  Take it from the top.”  He holds up his spoon like a conductor’s wand and counts you off.  He begins singing, waving his spoon manically and you take the head of the shower down to spray him with it.  “Hey!!  My cereal!” he shouts before taking the hint to leave you alone to finish your shower.

HARRY:  You’re conditioning your hair, happily singing, “You’re insecure, don’t know what for…”  You’re getting pretty into it, giving a concert to your shower head.  You take your time getting out of the shower and making your way into the living room, where you’re greeted by the sound of your own voice singing the song you’d been jamming out to only moments before.  Harry sits in the armchair smugly with his camcorder in his hand.  “Should we put this on the bonus features of our next DVD?” he questions, showing you the screen.  All you can see is the shower curtain, but your terrible singing is loud and clear.  “I hate you,” you deadpan, sending Harry off in laughter.

LIAM:  A knock on the door interrupts your rendition of More Than This.  You blush at the thought of Liam hearing you.  He pokes his head into the bathroom to call in, “You should record a song with us on the next album, baby!”  His cheerfulness is dripping with sarcasm and your blush deepens now that you know for a fact he’d heard you.  “Liam, I highly suggest you leave now before you wake up in a bed of spoons one morning,” you threaten.  Liam laughs.  “I’m just teasing you, babe.  It’s cute that you sing my stuff in the shower.”  “Well, I don’t normally,” you defend.  He chuckles once more before saying, “Alright, if you say so.  Enjoy the rest of your shower.”  You hear the door close as you laugh lightly and shake your head at yourself.

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