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NIALL: “Since when does Cole get into a fight? This is so unlike him!” you exclaim, at a complete loss for what to do or say. You’d just come back from speaking with the principal, and promptly sent Cole straight to his room until you and Niall could figure out what to do about this situation. You pace the kitchen, hands planted firmly on your hips. “What are we gonna do about this? I never thought we’d be faced with having to punish him for something like this!” you carry on. “I think a grounding is in order for this. At least a month,” Niall puts on the table. “I vote a year!” you grumble. “Let’s start with a month and see where that gets us,” Niall suggests through a chuckle. You nod in agreement and make your way into your son’s bedroom to talk about what had happened and hear his side of the story. And also to deliver the punishment, but at this moment your and Niall’s biggest concern is just to get some answers.

ZAYN: “I cannot believe he would do something like this! What was he thinking?” you seethe as Zayn drives you both to your son’s high school. “Well, to be fair, he is my son. He’s got the whole bad-boy thing going for him,” Zayn mentions. Your look shoots daggers as you state flatly, “That is not helping.” You arrive at the school and spot your son and another boy, each with a couple small cuts and bruises on their faces, sitting outside the principal’s office. “You can go right in; he’s waiting for you in his office,” the secretary tells you both, directing you towards the door. “Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Malik, please take a seat,” the principal greets you. “It appears as though your son was involved in a bit of a tousle this afternoon. Neither of the boys is speaking up about what happened, but several witnesses have come forward saying that they saw your son start it. Now, we have a zero tolerance policy for this sort of behavior, and there are consequences to be dealt with,” he informs you and Zayn. “We have zero tolerance for this as well. I have no idea why he would do something like this,” you assure. “What kinds of consequences are we looking at here, sir?” Zayn asks, and you know he’s fearing the same thing you are: expulsion. “For the first offense – three days’ suspension. But if this happens again, there will be greater consequences,” he warns. “Yes, of course. We’re going to have a firm chat with him when we get home. This is just unacceptable,” you say, beginning to get even more angry. “I’m glad we agree on that, Mrs. Malik,” the principal says before opening the door for you to collect your son and leave.

LIAM: “Can you even begin to imagine how embarrassed your mother and I are?” Liam reams into your daughter as you drive her home after having to pick her up from the principal’s office. “Enlighten me, Makenzie. What was going through your head when you punched that girl?” “I don’t know!” she replies. “That is not an acceptable answer!” Liam states sternly. You place a gentle hand to his upper arm, a gesture signaling that he needs to calm down because his anger will get him nowhere with your daughter. The rest of the ride is laden with tense silence. As soon as the three of you get into the house, Makenzie storms off to her room, slamming the door shut behind her. “What has gotten into her?” Liam asks, running a hand down his face. “I don’t know,” you answer, stepping into his embrace. “What are we gonna do about this?” “I don’t know…”

HARRY: “I’m so sick of this, Carson! If your principal calls me one more time to tell me that you’ve been in another fight, so help me God-” “Harry!” you cut him off firmly. He takes a deep breath before continuing. “Why? All I want to know is why, Carson? We raised you better than that.” Carson nods solemnly, eyes fixed on the floor. “I know. You did. And I’m sorry.” “This is the third time in the last two weeks. Your father and I just don’t understand what’s going on all of a sudden.” Carson lolls his head, takes a breath, and answers, “Some guys have been picking on Lea. I tried telling them to stop but they wouldn’t listen. I know I shouldn’t have, but I just got so mad that I hit one of them. When they still kept it up, I responded by punching them every time.” His response is quiet, almost a whisper. You and Harry sit in silence, gaping at him for a moment. You’re torn between reprimanding him for his actions and praising him for standing up for Lea. Harry clears his throat. “Do her parents know about any of this?” Carson shakes his head. “I don’t think so.” “Well, we’re proud of you for defending her, but you know the way you went about it was entirely wrong,” you tell him. He nods. “I know. I’m really sorry. It won’t happen again, I promise.” You and Harry both know your son well enough to know that he’s telling you the truth. You nod and dismiss him to go do his homework. “I’ll go call Louis,” Harry informs you, picking up his phone to call his friend and enlighten him on what’s been going on with his daughter.

LOUIS: “It was just one little push, Dad! It can’t even really be counted as a real fight! Besides, if she hadn’t been such a terrible friend and tried to steal my boyfriend then none of this would have happened in the first place.” “Oh dear God,” Louis groans into his palm covering his face. “I cant- I don’t even know what to say to that. This is your territory,” he relays to you. “Lea…just the fact that you laid a hand on her at all is wrong. You should talk your problems out with your friends. Heck, scream them out for all I care. Just don’t resort to shoving or hitting or anything else violent.” “You’re too young to have a boyfriend right now anyways!” Louis butts in. “Lou, that is an entirely different lecture, ok? One thing at a time here please,” you command, disgruntled. “I suggest you give this a couple days to cool down and then you try calling her and attempt to sort this all out. In the meantime, you’re grounded for a week,” you state firmly. Lea’s clearly not happy about it, making sure to stomp off and slam anything around that she can. “That went well,” Louis compliments the two of you. “Yeah…right,” you tell him dryly.

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