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LOUIS: You’re on your way out to the bar for a fun, carefree night with your friends. To get in the right mindset, you and Louis have a CD with a bunch of your favorite “club songs” bumping out of the speakers of the car. You’re in the passenger seat dancing and singing along, and Louis is doing quite a bit of his own dancing and not paying enough attention to the road in front of him. Next thing you know, the car is coming to a screeching halt and your body is being whipped forward. Louis’ protective arm reaches out across your chest to try to hold you back, but his attempt is useless. Once everything is still again, Louis checks the damage. He has a few cuts and scratches, a few areas where he’s sure bruises will appear in no time, but it’s you he is more concerned about. “Oh my God, [Y/N]! Don’t move, just stay still. I’m gonna call for help.” The car he’d rear-ended seems to be in better shape than yours, and the people get out to check on the two of you. “My leg,” you groan in agony through tightly gritted teeth. “Oh my God, this is all my fault…” Louis mutters guiltily as the phone rings for the paramedics. Your leg is crushed between your seat and the dashboard that has caved in just enough to have you trapped. After what seems like an eternity, the medics arrive and get you out of the car. Luckily, your leg isn’t broken, just very badly bruised. As you lay in the hospital bed waiting to be released, Louis can’t stop repeating apologies. “How could I have been so stupid? I’m so sorry, that was all my fault…” “It wasn’t completely your fault,” you tell him, running your fingers through his hair. “I’m to blame too for distracting you with the music and the dancing.” Louis just shakes his head dismissively and brings your hand to his lips to kiss it softly.

ZAYN: “Zayn!” you gasp after hearing the loud thudding bounces go on down the entire length of your stairs. From your perch at the top of the flight of stairs, you see Zayn’s crumpled figure at the bottom and hear his groans of pain. You race down to be with him. “What happened?” “Ah! Jesus Christ!!” he seethes, grabbing at his wrist. “Let me see it,” you say gently, trying to take his arm in your hands. He pulls away at first but after a moment, let’s you take a look. “This doesn’t look good, Zayn. It might be broken…” you inform him. “Oh God, it just hurts!” he continues to groan. “I’m gonna get you some ice and then I’m taking you to the emergency room. You need to get that checked out by a doctor. It’s already swelling.” You help him to his feet and scurry off to fetch him the ice and some painkillers. You usher him into the car and drive as quickly as the law allows to the hospital. You get Zayn checked in and settled into a seat to wait. “How long is this going to take? My wrist is killing me!” “I know, I know. Hopefully it won’t be too long now.” A nurse finally appears and takes you and Zayn into a room where the doctor doesn’t take long to pop in and check out the damage. X-rays are done and finally the doctor is able to tell you, “Yup, I’m afraid it is broken, so we’ll bandage that right up in a cast for ya and in six weeks you’ll be good as new!” Zayn groans and lolls his head back. “Greattt,” he mumbles sarcastically.

NIALL: “This is the perfect snow for sledding – nice and thick and fluffy but not too soft,” Niall observes dragging the sled up the hill behind him. “Yyyyyup!” you mutter, not being much of a sledding fan. Once he reaches the top of the hill, he positions the toboggan at the start of the path and sits towards the back. You climb into the front end and sit yourself between his open legs. “Ready?” he asks, sliding closer to you and wrapping his thighs snugly by your hips. “Ready,” you confirm and Niall uses his hands to push off over the edge of the hill as you begin the path on the downward slope. “Woo!!!” Niall cheers as the wind slaps against both of your faces. He throws his hands up in the air like he’s on a roller coaster and pays no attention to the angle your sled is headed – right towards the edge of a patch of woods. “Um, Niall?” you try to get his attention while simultaneously attempting to change the course you’re on. “Niall?” you call again, but get no response. Finally you just roll out of the sled, knocking him over with you. He rolls over you and comes to a landing on the other side. “What did you do that for?” he grumbles, sitting up. You sit up as well and point towards where your toboggan has come to a halt. “Oh…you alright, baby?” “Yeah, fine, you?” you ask brushing the snow off you as you stand up. Niall goes to stand up but stumbles as a sharp pain shoots up his ankle. “Ow!” he hisses, dropping himself back down to the ground. “I think I twisted my ankle.” You put your hands on your hips and comment playfully, “Well, that one trip down the hill was certainly eventful. I’m glad I got all bundled up for two minutes of fun.” Niall throws a snowball at you and says through a laugh, “Shut up and help me to the car.” You laugh too and go off to fetch the sled before helping him up and bringing him home.

HARRY: “Oh shoot, oh shoot, oh shoot!” Harry hears you repeating as he makes his way outside. He’d just heard a loud crash and came running to check to make sure you were ok. “Harry! Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” you quickly apologize as soon as you see him. “What the hell happened?” he asks upon taking in the sight of his beloved car. The back is all smashed against the cement wall of your garage. “I was just trying to move it out of the way and I thought I had it in drive but it was really in reverse and oh my God I’m so sorry!” you rattle off, not pausing to take a breath. “It’s alright, it’s alright,” he assures you, raking a hand through his hair and letting out a breath. He hops down the couple of steps to get to the driveway and examine the damage more closely. You come around from the other side of the car to meet him by the bottom of the steps. It’s then that he notices the large red welt near your collarbone. “Oh my God!” he exclaims, reaching to place a gentle finger to the mark. You flinch away at his touch, as the area is sore and sensitive. “I, uh, I hit the steering wheel when the car hit the garage,” you explain uneasily. “How fast were you driving that thing?” he questions, still eyeing the reddening spot. “You know what, nevermind. Let’s get some ice on that, yeah?” he asks. You nod and follow him back into the house. He gets you an icepack and strokes your hair comfortingly as you nurse your slight wound. “You alright, baby?” he asks after a few moments pass. “Yeah, I’ll be fine, but your car-” “Don’t worry about the car,” he cuts you off, “that’s fixable, you’re more important right now.” You flash him an appreciative smile as he moves to stroke your hair again.

LIAM: You’re backstage enjoying the show that the boys are putting on from the wings of the stage. They’re out there, messing around as usual, pushing each other and touching each other inappropriately and being all-around nutcases. At one point, Louis and Zayn make a grab at either side of Liam, knocking him completely off balance and sending him flying to the floor. Everyone’s laughing, including him. But after a moment, you notice his demeanor change. He’s suddenly not moving and his face is scrunched up in pain. The boys cut the music and the whispers among the crowd begin. After a couple of minutes, it’s determined that Liam is ok enough to move and bring backstage. You just step back and look on as the scene unfolds before you. “My back!” Liam is saying. Looks of sheer guilt and sorry fill Louis and Zayn’s faces. Everyone knows it was an accident, but it’s obvious that they both feel terrible. “[Y/N]?” Liam asks, reaching an arm out to you. You hurry over by his side and take his hand. You’re too afraid to ask how badly he’s injured. After the EMTs arrive and take a look at him, they conclude that it’s nothing more that your typical bumped discomfort. “His spine and everything appear to be alright. Give him a few minutes and he should be able to get back out there. But, Liam, just take it easy,” they tell him. He nods in agreement as they gather their things and leave. Just as they’d predicted, after icing it for a bit, his back is feeling well enough for him to keep going, and the show goes on despite the minor mishap.

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