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LIAM:  Tears prick your eyes as Liam calls for Makenzie to join you two in the living room.  His voice quivers a bit as he tells her the two of you want to talk to her for a bit.  She comes bounding in, doll in hand, and immediately climbs up onto her father’s lap.  She takes one look at the two of you and her smile vanishes.  “Mommy?” she questions helplessly.  You suck in a shaky breath a swipe at the tears threatening to fall.  “Um, Kenz, Mummy and I have something we need to talk to you about,” Liam starts, pulling his little girl in closer to his chest.  “Mummy and Daddy have been talking a lot lately, and, uh…” he trails off, not entirely knowing how to break the news.  “And we think it would be best if we live in two different houses now,” you continue for him, delivering the news as gently as you can.  “Why?” she asks innocently.  “Sometimes Mummys and Daddys just aren’t able to live together anymore and have to move into two different houses.  But, Kenz, you’ll get to stay at both houses and we’ll both still see you all the time and be there for all of your school shows or footie games,” Liam explains as you nod in agreement.  “And we both still love you very, very much,” you add on.  “Very much,” Liam confirms.  Makenzie looks confused, as though she’s not completely sure what to make of this situation.  “Can I go play with my dolls now?” she asks sadly.  “Of course you can, baby,” Liam tells her, opening his arms for her to jump off his lap.  Once she’s out of the room, you lose your brave face and the tears cascade down your cheeks.  Liam reaches over and pats your knee amicably.  “It’s for the best,” he reassures.  “I know,” you manage to say.

ZAYN:  After spending the last few days at Louis’, Zayn finally returns home to get a few more things before returning to the guest house.  “Are you moving back home, Daddy?” comes a quiet, but excited voice.  Zayn turns around to see Lane in the doorway.  Having seen the car pull up, he’d mistakenly assumed this meant his dad is back for good.  Zayn looks from him to you and back to him uncertainly.  “Uh, not exactly, buddy,” he says regretfully.  The gleam in your son’s eye dissipates, and your face falls as you watch him.  Zayn catches your eye and gives you a look to say “maybe we should just tell him.”  You nod slowly and Zayn scoops Lane up in his arms, throwing him playfully over his shoulder.  Lane giggles and squeals, and Zayn laughs for a moment too before things turn serious again as you make your way to Lane’s room and sit down on his bed.  “There’s something we should really talk about, buddy,” Zayn starts.  “It looks like Daddy will be living somewhere else from now on.”  “You’ll be staying at Uncle Louis’ forever?” Lane questions.  “Not forever.  I’ll get my own house soon and then you can come over there and play whenever you want.”  “Why do you have to get your own house?”  Your breath catches in your throat; this is the one question you’d been hoping he wouldn’t ask.  Before either you or Zayn can answer, Lane bursts into tears.  “Please don’t go, Daddy!” he exclaims, latching on to Zayn’s neck.  “I’ll be good, I promise!  I’ll go to bed on time and pick up my toys!  Just please don’t go!” he wails.  This absolutely breaks your heart and you can’t help the few tears that begin to trickle down your cheeks.  “Lane, baby, you can visit him whenever you want and you guys can still do all your fun stuff together like play catch and sing karaoke.”  “I hate you, Mommy!  Don’t make Daddy go!” he lashes out.  “Hey now, that’s not very nice,” Zayn says gently but firmly, pulling Lane away just enough so he can look his son in the eye.  “Mummy and I talked about this for a long, long time and we both agreed that this would be best.  It’s not Mummy’s fault and I don’t want you talking to her like that,” he scolds calmly.  Lane sniffles loudly and nods his head, unable to speak due to his trembling lower lip.  Zayn hugs his son close once more, allowing him to cry it out on his shoulder as you sit next to your soon-to-be ex-husband and rub your son’s back soothingly.

HARRY:  Carson catches snippets of your arguing yet again as he passes by your closed bedroom door.  He heaves a sigh and finally gets up the nerve to knock on the door.  Silence follows the knock as you and Harry cut your argument off as soon as you realize Carson had overheard.  After taking a moment to absorb the shock, you open the door.  “How long are you two gonna keep this up?” he asks you bluntly, stepping into the room just enough to be able to see Harry too.  “You two fight, argue, bicker, call it what you want and you’re doing it every day, all day.  And with all due respect, I’m sick of it!  I can’t even focus on my homework and school because I’m so distracted by the yelling all the time,” he rants, at last getting it all off his chest.  “Looks like you beat us to the punch, son,” Harry levels with him.  “We’ve actually been thinking long and hard about this and have decided it’s best for us to just split up,” Harry lays it right out there openly.  “Wait…what?  No, that’s not what I want at all!  Can’t you just go to counseling or something?  Try to work it out somehow?”  You shake your head back and forth.  “The damage has been done, Carson.  We’re just too far gone in fighting to be able to bounce back that easily.”  “Come on, you guys can’t just give up this quickly,” he pleas.  “I’m sorry, Carson.  This isn’t how either of us want it to go either, but it just has to be done,” you confirm.  Angry, hurt, and confused, Carson storms out of the room, heading straight for his own room and slamming the door shut.  You flinch at the harsh sound and turn on Harry.  “That wasn’t exactly the best way to break the news to him!”  “He’s a man, there’s no need to beat around the bush like he’s some little kid.”  “He’s fifteen, Harry!  For all intents and purposes, he is still a kid.”  “Are we seriously gonna fight about this now too?  It’s been done, he knows, it’s in the past.  Move on!” he snaps, igniting another one of your world famous wars.

LOUIS:  You and Louis had just delivered the news to Lea that you’ll be getting a divorce and that Louis will be living somewhere else soon.  She’d reacted exceptionally well, nodding and saying “ok” before skipping off to her room happily.  You and Louis stand in the living room exchanging baffled looks.  “What just happened?” he asks.  “Maybe she just doesn’t understand.  She’s only seven - it’s kind of a big concept for a kid her age.”  Louis nods, considering this.  You both go about your business after agreeing to try to talk to her again tomorrow.  “Mom, Daddy, come on in here please!” Lea calls out sweetly after a few minutes.  You and Louis both head towards her room where you’re greeted with the sight of a tea party set up on her floor.  She takes your hand in one of her own and grabs Louis’ hand with the other, pulling you both fully into the room and guiding you to sit down.  “I set up a tea party for you so you can have a date and Daddy won’t have to leave,” she explains, clearly pleased by her plan.  You exchange a quick, concerned look with Louis.  “Come here, Princess.  I think the three of us need to have a tea party and chat,” Louis says, pulling Lea into his lap.  “Thank you so much for the tea party, but Mummy and I still want to live in different houses,” Louis tries to get her to understand.  “But we can all get together for your birthdays and for your dance recitals.  We’ll still do things as a family, but we just won’t live all together anymore,” you tell your daughter.  Lea nods, her eyes fixed on the floor and head bowed down in sadness as this all begins to sink in.  “It’s ok to be sad,” Louis comforts, pulling her in for a warm hug.

NIALL:  Cole had picked up on the silent tension that had been growing between you and Niall.  Family dinners had taken an awkward turn, you and Niall barely speak to each other unless it’s to exchange some kind of formal information like the grass needing to be mowed or being out of milk, and Niall had started spending more nights on the couch each week than in the bed with you.  “Dad, what’s going on with you and Mom these last few months?” he finally brings up one evening as Niall is watching soccer.  Niall has always had a very open relationship with his son, and it’s time he stops keeping this from him.  “Uhhh, jeeze,” he mutters, running a hand through his hair and sitting forward to lean his elbows on his knees.  Suddenly getting the words out is harder than he’d anticipated.  You appear in the doorway, arms folded across your chest as you lean against the doorjamb.  “I think it’s pretty obvious by now that things aren’t good between your dad and I,” you pipe up.  “I know, what’s going on?  Is everything ok?” Cole presses.  Niall shakes his head back and forth a couple times before speaking.  “No, it’s not.  Your mum and I have grown apart and we want different things now…”  “So…we’ve decided to get a divorce,” you finish for him.  “A…a divorce?  You two?  No, no, you two can’t be getting a divorce,” he denies, not wanting to accept that as truth.  “I’m afraid we are,” Niall confirms.  “How though?  What happened?” Cole interrogates, truly flabbergasted by this news.  You and Niall go on to explain that things just aren’t like they used to be and how you both want two very different things out of your lives.  Cole listens and tries to digest this news, never expecting that after being together for so long, you two are calling it quits.

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