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NIALL:  “Do you think we have enough food?” Niall frets as you two work on getting things set up for your Halloween party.  “Niall…we have enough food to feed every person in the city.  Twice.  I think it will be more than enough for a small party.”  You continue putting fake cobwebs in the corners of your kitchen, living room, and hallway while Niall works on putting battery-operated candles into the jack-o-lanterns and in various spots around the room for the atmosphere.  You hear a rustling behind you, and when you turn around you find Niall with his hand in the bowl of chips, wearing a guilty expression.  You sigh, saying, “We won’t have enough food if you keep stealing it all, Niall.”  He just smiles at you innocently as he retracts his hand and finishes his decorating duty.  A few minutes later, once all the last-minute decorations have been placed, you step back to survey the party area.   With a satisfied sigh you say, “Looks pretty good in here, huh?”  “Mhmm,” Niall agrees through a mouthful of food.  “Niall!  Save some for when our friends get here, would you?”  He simply smirks at you with a childish look about him as he continues chewing on the snack in his mouth.  You shake your head, amused.  “Go get your costume on and leave the food alone for five minute,” you instruct, nudging his shoulder as you make your way to the bedroom to get your own costume on.

LOUIS:  Throughout the entirety of the party, Louis had been pulling pranks on people with various little tricks he’d rigged throughout he house.  Everyone had been getting a good laugh out of it until one particularly fear-inducing incident.  In the middle of the party, as everyone is milling around, enjoying the food, drinks, and music, the power suddenly cuts out.  There’s a quick round of gasps that echo through the darkened room, and you immediately turn to Louis and say, “What is this?  You didn’t tell me about this.”  “I’m not doing this,” he whispers back, fear evident in his tone.  Just as quickly as the power had gone out, it comes back on, revealing confused and somewhat frightened expressions on everyone’s faces.  Next, the lights flicker a bit before cutting out completely once more.  “This isn’t funny, Louis!” you hiss.  “I’m telling you, it’s not me,” he replies.  A cackling laughter sounds through the room, and flashes of light showcase various spooky images illuminating on the blank spaces on the walls.  From the stereo system, the sounds of moans and rattling chains now fill the air.  You grab Louis’ arm in a death grip.  “Cut it out!  It’s not funny anymore!”  “I’m not doing it!” he insists.  Finally the racket stops and the lights come back on.  Everyone is frozen in place for several beats before they start to shift and murmur about what had just happened.  “What the hell was that?” you demand of your boyfriend.  He simply shrugs, looking just as confused as everyone else in the room.  “The spirits of Halloween just stopping by our party I guess?” he replies.  Later on in the evening, when you’re in the kitchen reloading the chip bowls, Louis sneaks over to Zayn to say, “Thanks for helping me set that all up, man.  It really scared the daylights out of everyone.”  “Anytime, mate,” Zayn assures with a laugh.

LIAM:  The sound of the doorbell rings through the house over the sound of the music and people in the room.  You approach the door with a bowl of candy and are greeted by a round of “Trick or Treat!”  “Oh, what great costumes!” you compliment as you drop pieces of candy into the kids’ bags.  “Thank you!” they chime as they turn away.  “You’re welcome.  Happy Halloween!” you call after them happily, returning the bowl to its place on the table near the front door, awaiting the next trick-or-treater.  You rejoin the party for only a few minutes before the doorbell is ringing again and Liam is grabbing the bowl of candy.  Throughout the night, you alternate mingling with guests and responding to the kids outside your opened front door, so as to see them through the screen door in case you can’t hear the doorbell over the noise of the party.  Some of your guests even get in on it too, having fun in handing out candy and checking out the costumes the kids are wearing this year.  At one point, Liam approaches you and wraps his muscular arm around your back.  “I think tonight is going well.  Everyone seems to be having a good time, and we’re still getting to hand out candy like we love to do.  See, I told you everything would work out fine,” he finishes with a smirk.  You smile and nod.  “Yeah, you did.  And I should have listened.  It’s actually kinda fun to have a party on Halloween night like this.  We should make this a tradition.”  “We should,” he agrees, planting a kiss on your temple just as another gaggle of children comes up the steps.

ZAYN:  “Do you honestly think people will enjoy this?” you press.  ”Or do you think they’ll just think it’s stupid?  Because I have to be honest with you, honey, I think it might end up being kinda lame.”  “Thanks for that vote of confidence, babe,” Zayn deadpans as he continues to work diligently on putting together a haunted house in the garage for your guests to go through before getting into the house where the actual party will be held.  “I just mean that maybe this would be better to do in ten years once we’ve had kids and they’re old enough to have their own Halloween parties.  Eight-year-olds might enjoy this more than our friends would,” you try to inform him gently.  “And I think our friends will have fun and get a good scare,” he states firmly.  “Alright, alright.  I’ll shut up about it now and just help,” you give in.  “Good wife,” he praises kiddingly.  You shoot him a nasty look, continuing your work.  On the night of the party, once a handful of guests have already walked through and enjoyed the haunted house, you turn to Zayn and say, “Alright, I owe you an apology.  This thing has actually turned out to be pretty cool and everyone seems to like it.”  “I told you I knew what I was doing,” he says smugly.  “And next year we can make it even better!”  “Next year?” you question.  “Yeah, next year!  Putting that thing together was a blast!  I’m gonna start doing it every year.  Maybe next year we could even put together some kind of party for the kids in the neighborhood and they could-“  “Alright, slow down there, tiger,” you cut him off, “Let’s just get through tonight’s party and have a good time this year before we worry about next year.”  “Deal,” he agrees with a smile, just as another couple of your friends emerge from the haunted house, laughing at how scared they’d just been.

HARRY:  “I’m not wearing it,” Harry insists defiantly, arms crossed and his head shaking.  “Yes, you are,” you push, shoving the costume at him.  “No!  There is no way I’m wearing that in front of all our friends.”  “You promised I could pick any couple’s costume I want, and I want to be Tinker Bell, so…” you remind him, still holding his Peter Pan costume out to him.  “Yeah, I said that before I realized you were gonna make me wear tights!” he points out.  “Oh, please.  It’s a costume, Harry.  Just put it on.”  “I’m not wearing it, [Y/N], I’m not kidding.”  “So, what then?  You just aren’t gonna go to your own Halloween party?  Some host you are,” you scoff, angrily tossing the costume onto the bed and reaching for your fairy wings to complete your own costume.  You head downstairs just as the first guests start making their way up the driveway.  You’re occupied for a while as you greet arriving guests and try to dodge questions about where Harry is.  Finally, he makes his appearance in the living room.  He’s fully decked out in his Peter Pan costume - including the tights.  You grin happily as he makes his way towards you.  “What made you change your mind?” you ask.  He shrugs a bit.  “I dunno, I just figured I owed it to ya for all the things you’ve done for me, no matter how ridiculous they were.”  “And this is why I love you so much.”  “I love you too, babe.  Now let’s enjoy this party…I see some beer over there with my name on it!”  And with that, he’s off and mingling with your friends.

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