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ZAYN:  “Hey, babe, I brought you over some dinner,” Zayn announces, letting himself into your house and setting the take-out bags on the table.  “Mom, I can’t talk about this anymore.  I gotta go; Zayn’s here,” you say in a stressed tone.  After a pause, you speak again, “Yes, he’s here, he’s my boyfriend.  Is my boyfriend not allowed in my house now?” you press defiantly.  “Ok, I’m hanging up now, Mom,” you snap before pressing the “end call” button on your phone.  You turn to exit the study and are surprised to see Zayn standing in the doorway.  “I didn’t even hear you come in here,” you tell him, running a hand through your hair and hoping he hadn’t heard any part of that conversation.  “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.  I brought over some dinner,” he mentions.  “Oh great, I’m starving!” you state gratefully, trying to push past him to get to the kitchen.  He stops you, clasping your upper arms in his palms.  “I heard you on the phone with your mum,” he tells you bluntly.  “Have you been fighting with her again?”  You don’t say anything.  You don’t have to - the look on your face gives it away.  “[Y/N],” he whispers, pulling you into a hug, knowing how much you hate fighting with people.  “I just don’t get what she has against us being together,” you blubber, trying to choke back tears.  “We’ve been together for over two years, we’ve been nothing but happy, you’ve never done or said anything to make her dislike you…I just don’t get it!”  “I don’t get it either,” he replies honestly.  “We’ll figure something out though.  We’ll find a way for all this fighting to stop.”  “Nothing’s worked so far,” you remind him doubtfully.  “That’s why we need to keep trying,” he assures you.  “Now, put that smile on that I love so much and let’s dig into some dinner, yeah?” he asks.  You crack a small smile and nod, pulling away from Zayn and leading the way into the kitchen.

LIAM:  “You know, dear, you should probably try to get Makenzie up from her nap now or she won’t go to bed for you tonight,” your mother mentions pointedly as the two of you and Liam sit in the living room visiting.  “She’s been fighting a cold, Mom, and hasn’t been sleeping through the nights,” you explain.  “Well, she’ll never get back into a normal schedule if you just let her sleep all the time,” your mom scoffs.  “She’s sick, Mom.  Don’t you nap and try to get extra sleep when you’re sick?” you point out a bit snippily.  “Yes, but if she’s-” your mother starts but is cut off by Liam clearing his throat loudly.  “With all due respect, Mum, we really appreciate all of your help and advice, but in this case, [Y/N] and I feel it’s best to just let Makenzie sleep off her cold,” he tells your mom politely.  “Well, if that’s how you both feel…” she says, a bit stricken.  “Have you at least been giving her some medicine?” she carries on.  You roll your eyes before responding, “Of course we have!”  “There’s no need to snap, [Y/N], I was simply asking a question.”  “No, you weren’t.  You weren’t simply asking a question.  Every time you come over here, you find something to nag or interrogate me about.  I’m sick of it!  I love you, Mom, but enough is enough!” you explode, having held that in for some time now.  Now looking really stricken, your mom just sits there, with her jaw slack and her mouth slightly agape.  Liam also looks surprised by your outburst.  Silence overcomes the three of you for a moment before your mom finally breaks it by saying, “I didn’t realize you felt that way.  I’ve only been trying to help, and I’m sorry if that made me overbearing.”  You apologize too, but this change doesn’t last long before you two are at each others throats again.

LOUIS:  “I can’t take this anymore, I really can’t,” you sob into the phone as soon as Louis picks up.  “I hate him, Louis.  I really do.  I hate him so much,” you wail.  “Take a deep breath.  Calm down and tell me what happened.  What did he do this time?” Louis coaxes gently, knowing exactly who you’re talking about.  “It’s just the same old nonsense!  And I’m so sick of it, Louis.  I really can’t take it anymore.  I’m sick of fighting with him over everything; it never changes anything.  He’s such a jerk.  What did I ever do to deserve him in my life?”  “It’s not your fault and you know it.  Your dad is just stubborn and stuck in his ways.  He doesn’t see anything wrong with the way he is which is why he doesn’t make an effort to change it,” Louis reminds you.  You sniffle into the phone, trying to keep a fresh batch of tears from spilling over.  “I hate him, Louis,” you say in a hushed, defeated tone.  “I’m gonna come over.  I’ll be there in a bit,” Louis tells you, grabbing his coat and heading for the door.  As soon as he gets there, he wraps you in a large hug and holds you close.  “I can’t do this anymore, Lou.  I can’t keep fighting with him like this.  I just want him out of my life,” you admit.  Louis doesn’t say anything.  Instead he simply buries his face in your hair and kisses the top of your head.  “I love you,” he reassures, reminding you that he’s there for you.  “I love you too.”  “Let’s curl up on the couch and watch a movie or something to take your mind off all this, yeah?  Maybe it’ll help you clear your mind and not feel so upset,” Louis suggests.  “Just don’t leave me alone tonight please,” is your only response, not caring what you two do as long as he doesn’t go anywhere.  “Never,” he assures, pulling away from you and taking your hand to lead you to the couch.

HARRY:  You pound on Harry’s door, shouting his name repeatedly.  Finally the porch lights come on and you hear the door being unlocked.  As Harry opens the door to let you in, he asks, still half-asleep.  “What the hell are you doing?  Are you drunk?  You’re gonna wake the neighbors.  What time is it anyways?”  Looking at the clock, he grumbles to find it’s 3:45 in the morning.  “Hey, what’s wrong?” he questions once he realizes you’ve been crying.  “My family keeps giving me the cold shoulder since that huge fight we all had last week.  I need some time away from everything,” you explain simply.  “At 4”00 in the morning?  This couldn’t wait a few more hours?”  Harry immediately regrets his words when your face begins to crumble, new tears on the brink of falling.  “Oh, [Y/N], I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean it like that.  Come here,” he guides you into his arms.  After giving you a moment to settle down, Harry asks you, “Why didn’t you tell me that things were still shaky at home?  I thought you said they were ok?”  “I lied.  I was hoping that everything would just blow over after we had that big fight, but no one really seems to be talking to anyone else, and they especially seem to be avoiding me.  I just don’t want to be around it anymore.”  “Well you’re welcome to stay here for as long as you need to, you know that,” Harry offers.  He gives you a kiss on the forehead before speaking again.  “Let’s go get some sleep.  You look exhausted.  We can talk more about this and sort it all out in the morning.”  You nod in agreement, ready to collapse into bed, wrapped up in your boyfriend’s strong, protective arms.

NIALL:  You’d been having the same argument with your parents again and again, so it comes as no surprise to Niall when you finally reach your breaking point.  “I just can’t live that kind of life anymore.  It’s all a big lie.  At least for me.  I’m not the same kind of person as them, and they don’t seem to understand that,” you vent to Niall over some pizza and beer in his kitchen.  “Their lifestyle is just so prim and proper and mine’s not.  I like being more relaxed and having more fun.  And they don’t understand that it’s just who I am.  I’m not trying to reject the family or go against my roots - which is what they seem to think is happening.”  “Have you explained all that to them?” Niall asks, biting into another slice.  “Only about 100 times.  Every time I bring it up, my mom reacts as though I just told her my new calling in life is to be a serial killer or something.”  Niall gets a chuckle out of this, but you’re unable to see the humor in it, as you’re still too revved up about it.  “I’m sure they’ll come around.  I mean, you just want to have a more relaxed lifestyle than the one you were brought up in; there’s no crime there.  They’ll figure that out eventually and realize that they’ve been too hard on you over all of this,” Niall comforts, taking a sip of his beer.  “I hope so,” you mutter before taking a swig of your own beer.  “Alright, I’ve had enough of all this crap and drama; I’m not gonna dwell on it anymore tonight,” you state.  “Wanna see who can eat this next slice faster?” you challenge playfully.  “That’s my girl!” Niall chirps, taking you up on it.

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