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HARRY:  Ever since the new baby had arrived, Carson had been acting up a lot more than usual.  You and Harry still give him as much attention as you possibly can, but he’s not adjusting well to having to share that attention.  One day, about two weeks after the little one was born, Carson finally reaches his breaking point.  After a particularly difficult day, he throws the tantrum to end all tantrums.  “I hate the baby!  I hate you, Mommy!  I hate you, Daddy!” he screams, tearing through the living room and throwing all of the pillows, blankets, and cushions out of their places.  You and Harry simply wait it out, watching him rip the place apart and knowing he just needs to get his anger out.  Finally, he wears himself out to the point of falling asleep.  After a nice, long nap, you and Harry sit him down and talk to him.  “Why don’t you like the new baby?” you ask calmly.  “Because you and Daddy don’t love me anymore.”  “That’s not true at all.  We love you so much, Carson,” Harry assures him.  “But you don’t play with me anymore,” he says sadly.  Following a lengthy conversation, Carson is satisfied with the agreement to have a couple hours of one-on-one time with either you or Harry every day where you can give him your undivided attention while the other one takes care of his new sister.

LIAM:  You and Liam had been so worn out from now having to juggle two kids that it takes you a couple of days to notice just how much Makenzie had begun to isolate herself in her bedroom.  “Kenz, is everything ok?” you ask her one afternoon once you’d put the baby down for her nap.  “Yeah,” she replies without looking up from her coloring book.  “Is there anything you want to talk about?” Liam prompts.  “No.  There’s a new baby now, so I’m staying out of the way like I’m supposed to,” she explains, her tone suddenly a little more bitter.  “Makenzie, you don’t have to stay in your room all the time just because there’s a new baby in the house,” Liam starts.  “Yeah, we didn’t replace you, sweetie.  And besides, I think your sister would really like it if you told her a story or sang her a song sometimes,” you add on.  Makenzie just looks at you both sadly.  “What’s wrong?” you ask your daughter.  “Do you love me anymore?” she asks, her lip starting to tremble.  “Of course we do!” you exclaim, taking her into your arms, shocked that you hadn’t realized she’d been feeling this way.  “Very, very much,” Liam assures her, wrapping his arms around both of you and holding you close.  “And we want you to be with us, not here in your room all the time,” he tells her, leading her to nod, feeling needed and wanted again.

LOUIS:  From your perch on the couch, you can hear the pitter patter of Lea’s little feet moving about in her room down the hall.  “I wonder what she’s up to?” you mention to Louis who’s sitting next to you, craddling the little bundle.  “Who knows?  That girl is always up to something…and it’s always no good,” he muses.  “Lea!  Can you come here for a minute please?” you call to her.  In a moment, she’s in the living room.  “Yeah?”  “What are you doing in there?” you inquire.  “Nothing,” she quips with a quick shrug.  You raise an eyebrow at her.  “Doesn’t seem like nothing,” you mutter as she flits back down the hall to her room.  Several minutes later, she reappears, dragging two full duffel bags behind her.  “What are you doing with those?” Louis asks.  “Going to Grandma’s,” she replies confidently.  “Why?” he presses.  “Because.”  “Because why?” you pipe in.  “Because she gives me cookies and plays with me all the time.  She isn’t too busy with the new baby.”  Her words slice through you both, making you realize how jealous she is and how left out she must be feeling.  “Lea, come here,” Louis says softly, patting the small space on the couch between you and him.  Your daughter promptly scuttles her way in the spot.  “Mummy and I are sorry we haven’t been playing with you as much anymore,” he says once she’s settled.  “You know what, though?  Pretty soon, you’ll be able to play with your little brother and you won’t even want to play with us anymore,” you promise her.  She looks to the little baby and scrunches up her nose.  “All he does is sleep.  And poop.  A lot,” she says disgustedly.  This lightens the mood and opens up for a long talk with her about her brother.

NIALL:  “Niall, where did all those blankets go that I had folded and piled up in here?” you call to your husband.  “I don’t know, I haven’t seen them.  Shouldn’t they be right where you left them?”  “You would think…  And where are all the toys that were in the corner over here?”  Niall joins you in the nursery, investigating the areas where the things had gone missing from.  “You sure you didn’t move them?” he asks you after a moment.  “I’m positive,” you assure him, just as Cole passes by the doorway with an armful of baby toys.  “Uh, where are you going with those?” you ask, stepping outside of the nursery.  “Nowhere,” he answers simply, still beelining it to the other room.  “Cole, get back here,” Niall commands, stopping your son in his tracks.  “Answer your mother,” he intructs, prompting Cole to turn around and face you both.  “I don’t want the baby here anymore.  He’s annoying.  All he does is cry all the time and you guys never have time for me anymore,” he explains.  “Cole, why didn’t you just tell us that?  You didn’t have to…what are you doing with his things exactly?” you ask.  “Throwing them away,” he quips innocently.  “Ah, ok.  Well, you don’t have to throw the baby’s things away, sweetie.  We didn’t know you were feeling so left out lately.  What can we do to make you feel better?” you question, opening up a discussion where your young son pours his little heart out to you and Niall before retrieving the baby blankets and toys from the garbage.

ZAYN:  “Mom, how do you spell eBay?” Lane yells to you from the den.  “I thought you were using the computer to play a game?” you counter, putting down the dish you are washing and entering the den.  “I was, but there’s something I wanna sell.”  “How do you even know about all of that?” you press, sticking your hands to your hips.  “I heard you talking about it once.”  “Ok…well what are you trying to sell, exactly?” you mention, raising an eybrow.  “Nothing,” he lies.  “Babe, where did that photo go that was on the nightstand in the baby’s room?” Zayn asks, coming into the room after putting the baby down for a nap.  “Lane…” you state sternly.  “I don’t have it,” he insists.  “What’s going on?” Zayn inquires.  “Hand it over,” you demand, holding your hand out where Lane places the framed photo in it with a heavy sigh.  “Are you trying to sell your little sister??” you boom, finding it difficult to keep your cool.  “What?!” Zayn exclaims.  “I don’t want her!  She doesn’t like me and she’s taking you guys away from me!” Lane blows.  “That doesn’t mean you can just sell her!  You can’t sell people on the internet, Lane.  You should talk to your Dad and me about this kinda stuff,” you explain to your son.  “Well, I was gonna ask for a lot of money!  I wasn’t gonna sell her for nothing,” he assures you.  “How much?” you venture to ask.  “A lot!  Like 20 whole dollars!”  You bite back a laugh as you log your son off the computer and scoop him out of the chair.  “We are gonna have a loooong talk,” you inform him, carrying him into his room with Zayn following right behind you.

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LOUIS:  “What the hell are you doing?” you inquire, leaning your shoulder against the doorframe of the bathroom and folding your arms across your chest.  Louis looks at you and smiles foolishly before returning to the singing and dancing he’d been doing when you’d walked in.  “You’re such an idiot,” you comment goodnaturedly.  “This is how I shave,” he informs you.  “No, it’s not!” you insist.  “I’ve seen you shave before; normally you do it like an actual sane person.”  “This is the new way I do it,” he amends.  You simply nod your head in acceptance of your boyfriend’s quirks.  “Yoooo I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want,” he continues his rendition of the classic Spice Girls song as he dances in front of the mirror, continuing to shave.  “Ah, shit!” he curses when he nicks himself.  “And that would be why you don’t shave and dance at the same time,” you state matter-of-factly.  “Not helping,” he grumbles as he rinses off the cut area before any shaving cream can get on it.

ZAYN:  From your spot in the bedroom, you can hear the sound of Zayn’s electric razor start up.  You assume he’s just trimming his facial hair and cleaning it up a bit, like he normally does.  But then the noise carries on for too long and you enter the adjoining bathroom to investigate.  “Noooo!” you wail once you see what’s been taking so long.  “What?” he asks, turning off the razor and facing you.  “Don’t shave it all off.  I like the scruff,” you tell him, still partially whining.  “I just needed a change; I was getting sick of it,” he explains.  “Besides, it’s too late now, I have to finish.  I already shaved half of it off,” he adds on with a laugh, pointing to the bare side of his face.  “Aw, ok.  Finish shaving then, but in a few days when it comes back, leave it alone,” you demand playfully.  “Yes, ma’am!” he barks, matching your lighthearted tone and returning to shaving.

HARRY:  “Hey, Harry, have you seen the-” you’re cut off by the sight you’re faced with when you enter the bathroom.  Harry had only gone in there to shave, so you hadn’t thought anything of it to barge right in and ask him a question.  You hadn’t been at all prepared for what you’d see once opening that door.  Silence falls over the two of you for a moment before Harry just carries on shaving as though it’s no big deal.  “You are a man, right?” you bring yourself to ask.  “Last time I checked,” he quips nonchalantly.  “Then why are you shaving your legs?”  He shrugs and says, “Just felt like it.  It makes my legs look much nicer.”  “And much more feminine,” you remind him, still in a bit of shock.  “Eh,” he grunts, not caring in the least that you’d just said he was acting like a girl.  “What am I gonna do with you?” you mutter, shaking your head and placing your hands to your hips, unable to peel your eyes from the sight of your boyfriend shaving his legs.

NIALL:  You pop your head into the bathroom to grab your hair dryer so you can start doing your hair while Niall finishes up whatever it is he’s been doing in there.  “How much primping could you have to do?” you ask as you snatch the appliance off the countertop.  “Plenty,” he states.  It’s then that you notice the shaving cream slathered all over his face.  “What do you possibly have to shave?  Your face it like a baby’s butt.”  “First of all, never compare my face to an ass again.  Second of all, how do you think it stays so smooth, Smartypants?”  You laugh and say, “Yeah, good point.  Carry on!”  “Thanks for the permission - I didn’t know I needed it,” he teases.  “Yeah, yeah, just hurry up so I can get in there and get ready,” you press, handing him his razor and exiting the bathroom with your hair dryer.

LIAM:  “Why are you using my razor?” you ask, entering the bathroom and catching Liam by surprise.  “Uh…I’m not?” is the only lame response he can think up.  “Liam, it’s pink.  You don’t have a pink razor, you have a blue one.  Did you forget how to tell colors apart or something?” you say pointedly, grabbing the razor from his hand.  “But your razors are so much nicer than mine.  They make my skin feel so much softer.  And I know how much you appreciate that - you bring it up all the time,” he defends himself.  “Yeah, cuz I didn’t know you’d been using my razors to make it that soft.”  “Come on, what harm is it to use a pink razor if we both like the outcome?”  You sigh and hand the razor back over, giving in to his argument.  “Yeah, fine.  But no one is to find out about this, ok?”  “You don’t have to ask me twice!” he assures you with a laugh.

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ZAYN:  Shortly after you’d made it public that you are a couple, you and Zayn head out for a little bit of shopping one afternoon that he has free before his rehearsal schedule takes up most of his time.  “Oh my God, is that Zayn?” you hear a girl gasp from behind you.  “Yeah, I think so…  And is that [Y/N] with him?” another voice asks.  Out of the corner of your eye, you catch Zayn smirking just before he turns around to face the girls.  “Hi,” he says simply, sending the girls into a round of giggles through their grins.  “Can we get a picture with you please?” one of them asks.  Zayn smiles and replies, “Yeah, sure.”  Your initial reaction is to step to the side and let the girls get to Zayn.  It takes you by surprise when they say, “We want you in it too, [Y/N].”  A small smile creeps onto your lips, flattered that they are responding so well to you and your budding relationship with Zayn.

LIAM:  Before a concert, you meet up with Liam and the boys backstage.  Since news of you two dating has surfaced, you’d wanted to keep a low profile and not risk any confrontation with his fanbase, but he’d insisted you come out and see the show.  You’d gotten into the arena in one piece, no one really even recognizing who you are as far as you could tell.  There’s a knock on the door and one of the stage managers enters with a small group of girls with backstage passes.  Liam unwinds his arm from around your waist to greet the fans while you sit back in a chair and watch.  “You guys make a really cute couple,” you hear one of the girls gush to Liam.  “Yeah, and we can tell she makes you really happy,” another adds on.  “She does,” Liam agrees, shooting you a quick glance.  You smile at him in return and begin to breathe a little easier now that your first fan feedback is over with and had gone well.

HARRY:  It doesn’t take long before paparazzi starts following you, creating a scene that attracts attention from fans and other people passing by.  You and Harry had simply wanted a day out searching for a house, but an hour into it and it’s already turned into a commotion.  “Are you guys moving in together?” one girls asks as you make your way up the path to one place.  “Yeah,” Harry responds.  Some of the crowd aww’s, but there are a few people who state their opinions on the issue.  “But you guys haven’t even been together that long!  Why would you move in together already?  That’s so stupid.”  This ignites other comments along the lines of, “[Y/N] has him totally corrupted” and “She’s such a bitch for making him do stuff like this when they haven’t even been dating that long.”  Little do they know, you and Harry have been together for well over a year now, but it’s only within the last few months that news of it had broken out.

NIALL:  Entering an award’s arena with Niall’s parents, you can’t help but notice the scowls you receive.  You hold your head high and carry on as though it doesn’t bother you, but really you just want to know why you’re being treated that way.  When Niall joins you and his family after the show, he can tell something’s wrong.  “You ok?” he asks.  “Yeah, great.  Congrats to you and the boys on your awards tonight,” you try to say cheerily, planting a quick kiss to his cheek.  “Something’s up,” he insists.  Not wanting to ruin his night, you keep quiet, but it doesn’t take much for him to guess what’s bothering you.  “Just ignore them, babe.  They’ll come around once they see how great you are and how happy you make me.  And if they don’t?  Then obviously they aren’t a real fan if they can’t support me in my relationship with you.”  You smile half-heartedly as Niall takes your hand and you make your way to the after party.

LOUIS:  “I don’t know how I feel about this,” you whisper to Louis, grabbing tighter to his hand.  “What do you mean?”  “There are so many people following us and taking pictures…it’s overwhelming!”  “Yeah, it can be.  But you’ll get used to it,” he assures, giving your hand a gentle squeeze.  You make your way through the airport to the terminal that Louis needs to be at.  You take a deep breath, not knowing what to make of the situation.  You want to cry because you’ll miss him and don’t want to see him go, but you don’t want all these people around you to see you unravel like that.  Louis senses your tension and slips his arm around your shoulders, pulling you in close.  “I’m gonna miss you,” he whispers, planting a kiss to the side of your head.  That’s enough to send you over the edge and let a few tears slip out.  A couple of days later, after those pictures have surfaced on the internet, you happen to come across a few comments on one of them.  “They are so sweet!  I feel bad for her that he’s already leaving and they haven’t even been together that long,” says one commenter.  “I feel bad for him too.  You can just tell by the look on his face that he’s totally in love with her,” says another one.  And that observation is enough to put a smile on your face, the first one you’ve cracked since he left.

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LIAM:  As soon as you come home from the store with your newly purchased Take Me Home album, you pop it into your computer and begin listening to it.  You’d heard most of the songs already, but there are still a few that you haven’t heard yet.  You read the thank you page of the cover booklet as you listen.  When you get to Liam’s paragraph, you can’t help but smile when he specifically mentions you.  Then when you read the next line, your heart flutters a bit.  “I love you so much and your support means the world to me.  You’ve been by my side through so much and that’s why I want to dedicate ‘They Don’t Know About Us’ to you.”  It’s one that you hadn’t heard yet so you immediately skip ahead to it, playing it on repeat for nearly an hour.

NIALL:  “So, Niall, we’re hearing a rumor that ‘Summer Love’ is dedicated to your girlfriend, is that true?” the interviewer asks as she crosses her legs and leans in closer to the boys as if she’s about to hear a big, juicy piece of gossip.  “Yeah, kinda.  It’s more if a joke between me and her, really.  I dedicated it to her because we always joke that since we don’t get to spend much time together, our relationship is kinda like a bunch of little flings strung together,” Niall explains with a laugh.  “Aw, that’s kinda cute,” the interviewer chirps.  “You two are such a great couple,” she comments before moving on to the next topic of conversation and putting another one of the boys in the hot seat for a moment.

LOUIS:  While introducing the next song at their concert, Louis takes a moment to say a little something special.  You’re in the audience that night and he takes that opportunity to say, “Before we start the song for you, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to my girlfriend who’s here tonight.  She’s so great and is always so understanding of my crazy schedule.  So that being said, I want to dedicate ‘Last First Kiss’ to her.”  He finishes with a beaming smile and the crowd aww’s in unison.  You feel your cheeks heat up in a blush as the music starts and the boys begin singing.  From that day on, whenever you’re especially missing Louis, you just play that song and remember that he’s thinking about you too.

ZAYN:  While visiting a radio station as part of promoting their new album, the boys introduce the next song and then Zayn quickly tacks on, “And this one’s dedicated to you, [Y/N].”  “I Would” plays and then the boys are back on the air.  “I know I’m wondering, and I’m sure other people are too, why do you dedicate that song to your girlfriend?” the radio DJ asks Zayn.  He laughs before explaining, “Because when we first met, she was dating someone else.  We became friends and I fell for her.”  “Hard,” Louis adds on for his friend.  “And finally, when she and her boyfriend called it quits is when she eventually fell for me too.  So the song always makes me think of her for that reason.”  “That’s very sweet,” the DJ says, his tone teasing, causing the group to laugh.

HARRY:  By the middle of the show, the boys are well into their usual crazy antics, making the audience burst into laughter.  As the chords start for the next song, Harry gets a stupid grin on his face.  “Uh oh, Harry has that look on his face.  You know what that means,” Niall kids, hooking his arm around his friends neck.  “Don’t do it, don’t say it,” Liam pleas half-heartedly.  The already wildly excited crowd starts getting even more revved up over wanting to know what exactly is going on on stage.  The band continues to replay the intro to the song while the boys sort themselves out.  “[Y/N], baby, this one’s for you!” Harry announces, throwing in a wink and a hip-thrust for good measure before the song really begins and the boys perfom “Rock Me.”

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LOUIS:  “What?” you ask flatly when you turn around to see Louis gawking at you from the doorway.  In an attempt to lose the baby weight after Lea was born, you’ve converted part of your office into a home gym.  You’d been stretching out and working on getting your flexibility back to what it once was. and that’s what Louis had walked in and seen.  “You were just bent in half and then you did the splits…I didn’t even know you could do all that!” he exclaims, pleasantly surprised.  You laugh and continue your stretching.  Next thing you know, Louis is coming up behind you, snaking his arms around your waist and kissing your neck.  “Louis!” you protest through a playful laugh.  “I can’t help it.  You need to let me watch your workouts more often,” he tells you suggestively, turning you around to face him and giving you a large kiss.

HARRY:  You and Harry are fighting your most recent bout of boredom by having a friendly gymnastics competition and challenging each other to do various silly things.  “That’s the worst cartwheel I’ve ever seen,” you muse as Harry hurls his body in a barely circular motion before landing on the ground in a heap.  “Well, I had to up the ante somehow.  I was all out of balancing things and our attempts at headstands were massive failures,” he reminds you through a smile as he picks himself up and dusts himself off.  “It was an awful cartwheel,” you confirm.  “Alright, Miss Smartypants, let’s see you do a better one then,” he challenges, stepping aside to give you room.  And with that, you proceed to demonstrate a cartwheel, roundoff, double backhandspring.  “How did you do that?” Harry asks in awe once you finally land.  “Years of practice,” you inform him simply, flashing a smug smile.  “Any chance you could show me a few of those moves?  In the bedroom?” he asks cheekily, receiving a playful shove to the shoulder from you.

LIAM:  “I have had a terrible cramp in my leg for days,” you complain as you enter the room where Liam is watching TV.  “From what?” he inquires.  “No idea, but it’s driving me nuts.  It’s right here,” you point out, indicating the back of your thigh.  “That’s a weird place for a cramp,” Liam says with a chuckle.  “No kidding,” you agree.  You walk around to the back of the couch and prop your foot up on the top of it.  “What exactly are you doing?” Liam questions, raising an eyebrow at you.  “Stretching,” you state as though it should be obvious.  You lean forward, reaching for your toes to get an optimum stretch.  Liam simply continues watching with a confused look on his face as you bend so easily.  “When did you get so limber?” he finally speaks once you’ve returned your foot to the floor.  You shrug.  “Since always?” you offer as an answer.  “I never knew that…” he mentions, awwed.

NIALL:  “Say it!” Niall demands.  “No!” you protest.  “Sat it!” he repeats.  “No!” you say again through a laugh.  You squirm and try to get free, but it’s no use.  Niall has you pinned face down on the couch, sitting on top of you to keep your arms pinned down as well.  “Niall, I can’t breathe!” you claim through more laughter.  “Are you calling me fat now?” he feigns offense.  “So fat.  I’ve been meaning to speak to you about it.  Your weight is becoming a real issue,” you joke, prompting him to begin tickling you.  You squeal and squirm once more.  “What the hell?  How did you do that?” Niall asks, ceasing all torture when you kick him square in the back, catching him off-guard.  “I’m a girl of many talents,” you reply with a smirk.  “I guess so!” Niall agrees, removing himself from on top of you and pulling you into a sitting position.

ZAYN:  You and Zayn have been play fighting on and off all day.  It had turned into a sort of game where you’d try to ambush each other and attack.  At one point, you hear Zayn go downstairs to the basement for something, so you seize the opportunity to ball yourself up and squeeze into the small space below the desk in your living room.  Your knees are bent up by your ears as you wait for him to return.  As he walks by the desk after coming back from the basement, you reach out and grab his ankle.  He screams and jumps away from the area.  You emerge, laughing uncontrollably.  “What the hell?!” he gasps.  “How did you fit under there?”  “Magic,” you tease through your laughter.  “You’re like a damn ninja!” he exclaims, still slightly worked up from the scare.  “I try,” you chirp smugly as he gets his revenge by bear-hugging you and tossing you onto the couch to return the attack.

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ZAYN:  “What is this?” Zayn asks you, picking up the ratty old blanket that doesn’t even resemble a blanket anymore.  “Nothing!” you quip, snatching it from him and shoving it under your pillow.  Zayn chuckles as he labels the box he’d been packing and casts it aside, grabbing for an empty one.  The two of you had been working tirelessly for the last two days to get your house packed up and your stuff moved over to his place.  “It’s just an old blanket.  It’s a comfort thing,” you spit out hastily, just throwing things into your box so as not to have to make eye contact.  “Hey, it’s cool.  I think it’s kinda cute actually that you have something like that that’s so sentimental.  I just don’t know how I never noticed it before,” he muses.  “Because I didn’t want you to know about it,” you reply quietly.  “Are you ashamed of it or something?” he questions, turning his full attention to you.  “No, I’m not ashamed of it, I’m just a little embarrassed that you found it,” you admit.  He laughs heartily, asking, “Why?  I think it’s cute!”  You blush slightly, still averting his gaze.  “Come here,” he says, tugging you by the elbow to fit into his arms.  “It really is cute,” he insists.  “Stop saying that!” you shush him, giving him a smack and pulling out of his grasp, a smirk on your face.

LIAM:  While rummaging through some old boxes that you are working on clearing out, Liam suddenly says, “Hey, I think I found some of your home videos from when you were a kid.”  You groan and cast your box aside so as to move closer to Liam and see what he’s looking at.  As soon as you realize what year is scrawled out on the sides of the tapes, you gasp and snatch them away from him.  “There’s a reason those were up here and not with the other videos in the living room,” you state.  Liam just laughs at you.  “And what would that reason be?”  “You know what?  It’s easier if I just show you…” you reply regretfully, getting to your feet and leading the way from the attic down to the living room.  You pop one of the tapes into the VCR and hit play.  The first video is exactly what you’d been trying to hide.  “Is that you?” Liam asks, pointing to the six-year-old nude girl on the screen.  “Yeahhhh…” you draw out, watching in silent horror.  “Why are you naked in the backyard?  At that age?”  “Because that’s what I did; I ran around naked all the time until I was seven and realized that wasn’t really the normal thing to do.”  Liam bursts into a round of laughter as you continue to let the tape play.  After a moment, he gets a grip and says through lingering chuckles, “Alright, we need to shut this off, I don’t feel right watching this.”  And with that, you don’t hesitate to oblige.

HARRY:  “Hey!!  There’s Miss Tinkles!” your older brother bellows as he makes his grand entrance into the backyard for the family reunion.  He’s six years older than you and has been living across the country for the last several years, and this is the first time Harry is meeting him.  This isn’t quite the introduction you had in mind.  “Miss Tinkles?” Harry questions from beside you.  “Shut up,” you grumble, as your brother approaches, grabbing you up in a bear hug.  “I’ve missed you, kid.  How are you doing?”  “I’d be doing a lot better if you hadn’t just called me Miss Tinkles in front of every member of our family tree,” you deadpan.  He responds by ruffling your hair before turning his attention to Harry.  “You must be Harry.  Nice to meet you,” your brother says by way of introduction, shaking your boyfriend’s hand.  As your brother wanders off to greet other members of the family, Harry asks again, “Dare I ask why he calls you Miss Tinkles?”  “No, you don’t.”  “Well I still wanna know,” he urges.  You sigh and say, “I wet the bed until I was nine, ok?  So he called me Miss Tinkles and teased me about it endlessly.  Harry laughs so hard at this, that you’re pretty sure he’s about to wet his pants.  “It’s not funny!” you hiss, but Harry just keeps laughing.

LOUIS:  “Who is that?!” Louis demands, sounding almost disgusted as he flips through the pictures your mom had sent over.  You two are working on putting together a slideshow of your lives to play at your engagement party coming up in two weeks.  You pull the picture from his hand to check.  “That’s me, you ass!” you snap, smacking Louis in the arm.  “That’s you??” he asks, now in shock.  “Why is that so surprising to you?” you ask, unamused.  “Because you look hideous!” he exclaims, but quickly changes his tune when he sees the angry look on your face.  “I mean compared to now!  You look hideous compared to now.  I just always pegged you for the type who’d been good-looking your whole life, and- I’m just digging myself in deeper here, aren’t I?”  “Just a bit,” you snap.  “I’m sorry.  It just took me by surprise,” Louis tries to amend.  “You don’t say,” you bite sarcastically.  “I’d just never actually seen a picture of you in those awkward pre-teen years…” he trails off, not really knowing what else to say.  “There was obviously a really good reason for that,” you mutter, returning to sorting through the stacks of photos.  “Oh, come on, you know I love you.  Even if you were an ugly child,” he teases.  “Ugh, I hate you,” you remark, scooting away from him and ignoring him.  “Too soon to joke, huh?” he asks with a forced little laugh.  You glare at him, giving him his answer.

NIALL:  Turning into the room, you see Niall flipping through a book, a blank look on his face.  “What’cha got there, babe?” you ask, placing your laundry basket of clothes down on the couch to join him on the loveseat.  “Oh, just an old scrapbook it looks like,” he mentions with a smirk.  You furrow your brow at him, looking over his shoulder to see a very familiar page.  You gasp cover the pages with your hands.  “Where did you find that?” you inquire hastily.  “It was on the shelf in the bedroom.  How long ago did you put all this together?” he wonders, prying your hands away and flipping to another page full of more of your fabulously detailed wedding plans scrawled out in your middle school handwriting.  “That’s something my friends and I did when we were like 12 or 13.  I haven’t even looked at it in years,” you insist.  “So you’re one of those girls who actually planned out her dream wedding as a kid, huh?  So does that mean that when we get married our wedding song will be ‘I’m All About You’ by Aaron Carter?” he asks playfully.  You scowl, “Of course not!  Is that really what I put in there as my wedding song?”  “Yup, right here,” he says through a laugh, flipping back several pages to show you where you had written it.  “Oh my God, that’s so embarrassing that I ever thought that was actually a love song.  What other stupid stuff do I have in there?” you ask, now laughing at yourself.  “Oh, plenty!” Niall assures you, starting from the beginning of the book so the two of you can laugh at it together.

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LOUIS:  You’re in the shower when your phone goes off.  Louis had known you’d been waiting for an important text, so he grabs your phone to check the message for you.  He scowls when he reads the message from an unknown guy.  He wastes no time marching off towards the bathroom and barging through the door.  “Who the hell is this?” he demands, showing you your phone screen as you poke your head out from behind the shower curtain.  “Louis, do you mind?” you ask, irritated.  “What are you doing checking my phone anyways?”  “You were waiting for an important message, so I checked it for you, excuse me for trying to be nice.  So who is this guy?” he repeats.  “Some guy I met through a friend,” you say offhandedly, returning to your shower.  “Some guy?  What kind of guy?” he insists.  “Why is this so important to you?  I met him, we got along, we’ve been talking, so what?”  “That’s it, just talking?” Louis checks, his voice sounding less angry now.  “That’s it.  We’re just friends,” you confirm.  You poke your head back out as you say goodnaturedly, “Now can you put the green eyed monster of jealousy away so I can finish my shower in peace?  And could you not bother me again unless the real message I’ve been waiting for comes?”  Louis chuckles.  “Yeah, I suppose I could do that,” he says playfully before leaning in to kiss your forehead.

ZAYN:  “Who are you texting?” Zayn inquires, siddling up to you one night in bed.  You’d been mindlessly watching a movie together, but instead of paying attention to the movie, you’re busily texting someone.  You laugh a bit as you hit “reply” and then cast your phone aside.  “No one,” you answer, turning your full attention to Zayn, knowing that he’s feeling a little neglected.  “No really, who is it?” Zayn presses, reaching over you to grab the phone from your other side.  “Nobody, honestly,” you insist, letting him take the phone and look at your messages.  “Who is he?” he asks, turning your phone to face you, one message in particular is highlighted.  You scoff.  “God, Zayn, turn off the jealousy for two seconds, would you?  That’s my cousin’s fiance.  He is planning a surprise party for her birthday and is just looking for my help planning it.”  “Oh,” Zayn replies sheepishly.  “Feel free to look at the messages if you don’t believe me,” you offer.  “I trust you,” Zayn tells you, smiling earnestly, a gesture that you return.

LIAM:  “No, he doesn’t know anything about it, so keep it quiet,” Liam reads your text message from over your shoulder.  He’d been passing through the kitchen and was going to sneak up behind you and surprise you with a kiss to the cheek, but instead it was he who got the surprise.  He notices that you send the message to your best friend before you turn around and spot him there.  “Oh, Liam, I didn’t even hear you come in here.  How was your day?”  “Good.  I didn’t really do much - kind of a boring day off, really.  How was work?”  “Same old, same old.  I’m actually gonna head out with the girls for a little bit tonight,” you quickly change the subject, grabbing your purse and throwing it over your shoulder.  “What are you gonna do?” he asks, failing to hide the suspicion in his tone.  “Get some drinks or something, I guess.  I don’t know really.”  “If you don’t know what you’re doing then how do you know where to go?” he presses.  “I’ll call them on the way,” you try to play it off.  In actuality, you’re headed out with your best friend to get some things together for the tour kickoff party you’re throwing for Liam and his friends before he takes off again for months on another tour in just a week.  “Uh-huh,” Liam grunts, not buying your story.  You peck his cheek quickly before heading for the door.  “I’ll see you in a little bit, babe,” you call over your shoulder.  “I’ll figure out what you’re up to, you know!” he calls back.  You simply laugh and carry on your way.

HARRY:  You’d left your phone on the couch while you go into the kitchen to make some popcorn for the movie you and Harry are going to watch.  Your phone chirps with the incoming of a new text message, something Harry would have just ignored if Lucy hadn’t stepped on your phone as she crawls into Harry’s lap, opening the message.  “I miss you,” reads the text from and unknown male friend.  Harry raises an eyebrow.  When you come back into the room, Harry has your phone in his hand.  “Um, thanks?” you say uncertainly as you take the phone from him.  “Is there a reason why you opened my message?” you ask, sitting down next to him on the couch.  “Why, have something to hide?” he asks bitterly.  “Uh, no.  Should I?” you ask, confused, as you glance at the open text.  You sigh audibly and punch out a quick reply.  “Should I be concerned?” Harry questions, clearly agitated by some strange guy texting to say that he misses you.  “He’s someone from years before you and I even met.  He recently started talking to me again.  I made it perfectly clear that I’m no longer interested in him, but he just won’t let it go.  He sends me at least one message like this a day,” you explain, annoyed yourself at this guys’ incessant texting.  “Oh…  Should we watch the movie now then?” Harry asks, changing the subject when realizing he’d jumped to silly conclusions.  You laugh and nod in agreement.

NIALL:  “Hey, babe?  You just got a text from-“  You cut Niall off by snatching the phone from his hand, already having an idea of who it might have been.  Niall had been texting your mom from your phone while you cook dinner; the three of you are trying to coordinate some arrangements to get together for some wedding planning.  He laughs, saying, “Whoa, where’s the fire?  Who is that?”  “Nobody,” you respond distractedly as you read the text.  “Nobody, huh?  Ok,” he replies, shrugging it off, but he can’t quite shake the nagging feeling that you’re hiding something from him.  After a few moments of silence, he snaps, “You do realize we’re getting married in seven months, right?  So if there’s something you need to tell me, now might be the best time.”  “What?” you question, turning your attention away from the pot in front of you and towards your fiancee.  “Who was that guy and why did you grab the phone so fast?”  “Niall, there’s no reason to get all worked up,” you mention softly.  “Then why are you acting so secretive?” he presses.  You sigh, and say, “He’s from the flower shop.  I know you said we had enough flowers for the wedding, but I just really wanted more.  So I went behind your back and have been ordering more,” you admit simply.  Niall chuckles.  “Seriously?  Why didn’t you just tell me you wanted more flowers that badly?  You didn’t have to sneak around about it.  You think I wouldn’t have noticed twice as many flowers in our reception hall?” he teases.  You smirk and reply playfully, “I was hoping that you wouldn’t.”

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HARRY:  After hearing “Kiss You” for the first time, you feel compelled to write a song dedicated to Harry in response to his song.  You post it to YouTube and then send him a tweet with the link, hoping that there might be a miracle and he actually watches it.  A couple of days later, you nearly explode in excitement when you get a tweet back from him saying that he loved it, followed by a direct message asking you if you’re interested in collaborating on a song with the band.  Your fingers are shaking in absolute excitement as you type out your eager response agreeing to meeting with them about it.

LOUIS:  To kill some time on the tour bus while on your own headlining tour, you and some of the people you’re on the road with mess around by recording you singing a song you wrote about Louis, just changing the words to “Little Things” to make them specific to him.  It was never meant to be released, but several weeks later you find out it’s been leaked.  And not only that, but Louis has heard it.  You watch in horror as he talks about it on his interview on TV.  “Yeah, I was actually really flattered by it,” he says.  “I actually tweeted her earlier asking her to go out with me sometime, but I don’t know if she saw it,” he says with a laugh.  You immediately jump on Twitter and find his tweet, replying as quickly as you can type.

NIALL:  You’d been toying with the idea of putting a response song to “Last First Kiss” on your new album, but are unsure of how your fans would respond to it.  You decide to record a snippet of it and put it on YouTube to see what kind of response you get.  After seeing all the questions about whether or not the song it about a specific person, you mention playfully that it’s about Niall.  He’s a friend that you’ve known and been crushing on for a few years, but you don’t think he feels the same way.  “So I saw those videos you posted this week,” he mentions on the phone one night.  “Yeah?” you ask.  “Yeah, and I was wondering if you want to go out sometime when I get back in the area?”  You try your best to contain your excitement as you answer with an eager, “Yes!”

LIAM:  As you listen to the lyrics of “They Don’t Know About Us,” you can’t help the tears that roll down your cheeks.  Childhood friends, you and Liam had both been fighting the feelings for each other that had been growing over the years.  As soon as the song finishes, you pick up your guitar and begin writing a similar song of your own that you send to him as soon as it’s completed to your liking.  You grow anxious when the following afternoon comes and you still haven’t heard from him about it.  Then you flick on the TV to watch an interview and all your nerves are put to ease.  Liam is talking about you and the song.  Your heart skips a beat when he looks directly into the camera and says through a broad smile, “[Y/N], if you’re watching this, I’d like to take you out when I get home in a few weeks.”

ZAYN:  Feeling more daring than usual, your friend records a video of you singing a song in response to “Rock Me” that might be a little more X-rated than you’d originally intended it to be.  You post it anyways, and your friend tweets the link to Zayn through your account.  Later that evening, as you’re checking Twitter, you begin freaking out as you exclaim, “He saw the video!  He responded!!”  “What did he say?” your friend demands.  “He said, ‘anytime, just let me know when babe ;) xx’  Oh my God!!” you squeal, jumping up and down in excitement.  “I can’t believe he replied!”  After a moment, your tone changes as it occures to you that he’s actually seen it.  “Oh my God…what have I done?” you panic, much to your friend’s amusement.

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LOUIS:  As you and your family exit your house, you are ambushed by paparazzi. The news had just recently surfaced that Lea is pregnant, and the paps are being relentless in trying to get a shot of your pregnant teen.  For the most part, you’ve been able to ignore them and carry about your business, just as you do whenever they are trying to be nosey, but this time around there is one guy in particular who won’t give it a rest.  ”So, Lea, did you get knocked up to be like Jamie Lynn Spears?” the guy inquires rudely.  Having had enough of their badgering, and that line being the final straw, Louis finally snaps.  ”Look, she’s not the first that this has happened to and she won’t be the last.  This is our family’s private business and you all need to butt out!”  At hearing this, that particular guy backs down a bit, but the crowd in general continues to snap pictures.  The three of you can do nothing more but keep your heads down and try to get to your destination.

LIAM:  ”Makenzie, Makenzie! When is your due date?” one of the many paparazzi gathered outside of your house asks as your daughter gets out of her car and tries to get to the door.  She remains silent and stoic while outside, but as soon as the door closes behind her and she’s finally in the privacy if her own home, she breaks down into tears.  “Makenzie…” you say gently, coming to console her.  ”I’ve had it.  I’m done with this nonsense,” Liam seethes.  He throws open the front door and shouts, “Hey!  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen enough pictures of my pregnant daughter in the tabloids by now, so why don’t you take your cameras elsewhere now, yeah?  We’ve all had quite enough of this.”  And with that, he slams the door shut and goes to join you in consoling your teen.

ZAYN:  ”They did it again,” your daughter says as she joins you in the den.  ”Did what again?” you ask, lowering your magazine.  ”A couple if them followed me home from school again,” she says, dropping her backpack on the floor and taking a seat next to you on the couch.  ”Are they still out there?” Zayn asks, already getting to his feet.  ”I guess so, yeah,” she responds.  Zayn beelines it to the front door, and as soon as he starts to open it, he can hear the sounds of cameras going off on the other side.  ”Oh, it’s just her dad,” one of them says as soon as Zayn is revealed.  ”Yeah. Her massively pissed off Dad,” he corrects angrily.  ”Now either get the hell off my lawn or I’ll come out there and throw you off myself,” he threatens menacingly enough for the men to take action and get out of there.

HARRY:  “I can’t take this anymore.  This is insane,” Harry carries on.  Your teenage daughter had just been hounded at the mall with her friends by paparazzi asking if she planned on being a cast member of the next season of “Teen Mom.”  ”She’s a kid, they can’t treat a kid that way - no matter what kind of situation she may be in.”  “I agree with you completely, but what are we going to do about it?” you ask, feeling helpless.  Harry shakes his head back and forth, continuing to pace, as he thinks of what he can do.  Finally his head snaps up and he stops pacing.  ”I’m going to the mall and giving them a piece of my mind,” Harry says decidedly.  “They probably aren’t even there anymore, Harry,” you say quietly.  “It’s still worth a try,” he says on his way out the door.

NIALL:  You aren’t sure what the paparazzi are taking more pictures of at this point, your pregnant daughter or your husband giving them all the finger.  Just a moment ago, they had been harassing your daughter with nasty comments about her current condition.  Prior to today, they had not-so-subtly taken pictures, but none of them had ever actually said anything to her about it.  The comment was enough to finally put Niall over the edge.  “If any of you have anything else to say, I’ll be introducing you to my fist too!” he shouts his threat.  The paps back off a bit, but still go about snapping their photos and calling out to your daughter to get her to turn their way.

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LIAM:  As you enter the house, you notice Lane standing on a chair grabbing cookies out of the cookie jar on the counter, while Makenzie stands on the floor next to him, gathering the cookies in her hands like a squirrel as her friend pulls them out and hands them to her.  “I see the play date is going well,” you call into the rest of the house as you drop your purse onto the kitchen table.  “What?  The kids are getting a snack for themselves.  They’re fine,” Liam calls back to you.  You pluck Lane off the chair and put him onto the floor where Makenzie hands over some of the cookies before the two scamper off, no doubt to devour their treat.  “Great, then if you have this all under control, then you can also be the one to get her to bed tonight with all that sugar in her system.  And, Zayn, I’m sure your wife will feel the same way when I call her to tell her,” you lightly scold as you enter the living room where the men are.  You’re smiling through your words, unable to contain the amusement of witnessing Liam and Zayn’s babysitting skills firsthand.  “I thought this play date was for the kids, not you two,” you comment, perching yourself onto the arm of the couch as you watch them play a rousing game of FIFA.  “It’s for both of us,” Zayn corrects you, never tearing his gaze from the screen.

ZAYN:  “I’m bored,” Lane whines, slumping down in his chair with his arms folded across his chest.  “Go play outside.  I’ll come join you when I finish up with this in about ten minutes,” Zayn tells him.  “No offense, Dad, but I kinda wanna play with someone my own age,” Lane breaks it to him.  Zayn chuckles.  “Alright, well, want me to see what Lea is up to today?  Maybe Uncle Louis can drop her off,” Zayn suggests.  “Yeah!” Lane chirps happily.  “Go get me the phone,” Zayn instructs as he wipes his hands clean.  When Lea arrives 45 minutes later, the two kids take off for the backyard, never to be heard from again for the rest of the afternoon.  When Louis spots the project taking place in Zayn’s living room, he offers his help.  “What the hell happened in here?” you demand, walking into a disaster zone that was once your living room a while later.  “Um, the kids got into some stuff.  We tried to stop them…” Zayn weakly lies.  You see right through his words and shoot him a glare as you say, “I suddenly am unsure as to which ones are the kids here…”  “I love you, babe,” Zayn tries.  “Yeah, yeah, clean this up before I explode,” you instruct playfully, exiting the room.

LOUIS:  “Carson, stop trying to look up Lea’s skirt!” Louis shouts from his spot on the deck.  “Why is she even in a skirt to play on the playscape?” you ask, handing Louis his glass of lemonade.  He shrugs.  “That’s what she wanted to wear today,” he tells you.  As he goes to take a sip of his drink, he pulls the glass away to holler, “Carson!  Knock it off!”  “I’m not doing anything!” the young boy’s voice carries across the yard.  “Would you stop it?” you ask of your husband.  “He’s not doing anything wrong, leave him alone.”  Louis doesn’t say anything.  Instead, he steals one last careful glance at Carson before sitting in a chair and relaxing.  “So, this play date is going well,” you comment after several moments of silence where all Louis does is glare at the two children on the other side of the yard, keeping watch for anything Carson might do that he doesn’t approve of.  “They’re at that age, you know?  Where they get all curious and stuff,” Louis responds.  You nearly choke on your sip of lemonade as you laugh at what he’d just said.  “What are you talking about?” you manage to say through that laughter.  “I dunno!  I just don’t trust that kid.”  “Oh my God, Louis.  Grow up,” you tell him, amused, as you rub his shoulder to lighten him up.

HARRY:  “Where are the boys?” you ask as you come downstairs from your office.  “Outside playing.  You can’t hear them?” Harry asks with a chuckle, referring to excessive amounts of noise they are making.  You peek out a window overlooking your yard and smile as you see Carson and Cole running around the yard, seemingly playing some kind of chasing game.  “They’re cute, aren’t they?” you comment.  “Yeah, they’re good kids,” Harry agrees with a smile.  “You think Carson and Cole would wanna have a sleepover tonight?” you wonder out loud.  “Let’s not push it.  There’s only so much of their energy that I can take,” Harry mentions with a light laugh.  “Oh come on, it will be fun!” you insist.  Harry eyes you skeptically.  “Are you sure you’re up for it?” he asks you.  “Yeah!  Come on, it will be tons of fun, please?”  Harry laughs at you.  “You sound like a kid yourself.  Alright, yeah, if they want to have a sleepover then I’m all for it,” he gives in.  “Yay!  This will be fun.  And maybe tomorrow night, the boys can sleepover Niall’s and we can have a little sleepover of our own, just you and me,” you mention seductively, sealing the deal.  “I like the sound of that,” Harry confirms, kissing your forehead.

NIALL:  “My dad taught me how to cook, watch,” Cole says to Makenzie as he pulls a few random items out of the fridge and drags a chair over to the stove.  “Oh no no no, I don’t think so!” you put a quick stop to it as you enter the room.  “First of all, you know you are not allowed to use the stove.  And second of all, since when does your father cook?  He eats, Cole, but he doesn’t cook.”  “Damn straight!” Niall confirms from the other room, having heard what you’d said.  “Language!” you remind him before turning back to the kids.  “How about I make you both some lunch and then we can all bake some cookies together for dessert?” you offer, getting squeals of excitement from both kids.  “Can I get in on those cookies too?” Niall asks, coming into the room as the kids wander off.  “Wanna play dolls?” Makenzie asks Cole sweetly as they go.  “Ew, no!  Let’s play robots,” Cole responds.  you smile and shake your head at them as you turn your attention to your husband.  “Sometimes I wonder if these play dates are for Cole and Makenzie or for Cole, Makenzie, and you,” you tease, poking him in the chest.  “Right, so, the cookies?”  “Yes, you can have some of the cookies,” you tell him, rolling your eyes goodnaturedly.

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ZAYN:  “Zayn, I can’t help noticing you have this goofy grin on your face,” the TV host mentions teasingly.  “Is there something funny we don’t know about?” he adds on.  Zayn just smiles more at being called out on this.  “He just got some really great news this morning and hasn’t been able to wipe the smile off his face since,” Liam says.  “Yeah, my son called this morning to tell me that he and his wife are expecting their first baby,” Zayn explains to the interviewer and the audience.  “That’s wonderful!  I can tell you’re massively excited,” the interviewer jokes.  “No, this is just how he is when he’s sad.  When he’s happy, you’ll know,” Louis jabs, causing Zayn to scowl playfully before the grin automatically reappears.

LOUIS:  “And we are back with Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam in the studio, and I have just received word that Louis has an announcement,” the radio interviewer speaks into his mic.  “I do?” Louis asks innocently.  “Oh, you mean about Lea being pregnant.  Yeah, it’s great,” he comments, but something is off.  “He’s just sad that he’s getting old,” Liam explains.  “Yeah, this is like the final nail in his coffin,” Zayn jokes.  Louis just nods sadly in agreement, a playfulness crossing his features.  “Aw, but new babies are exciting, no?” the man prompts.  “They are.  I’m just messing around, my wife and I are both really excited for Lea and my son-in-law.  We’re really anxious for the baby to get here,” Louis says, smiling at the thought of a new baby in his life to play with.  “That’s awesome.  Congratulations to you and your family,” the interviewer tells him.

NIALL:  “It’s been a while since you’ve performed together, but this reunion tour is proving that you’re just as popular as ever.  So what’s been new with you guys?  Is there anything big that’s been happening in the last twenty years?” the perky interviewer asks after introducing the group on her morning talk show.  “Niall’s gonna be a grand-dad,” Louis announces after a moment of silence among the group.  “You are?  Congratulations, Niall!” the interviewer speaks.  “Thanks, yeah, my son and his wife are expecting their first.  [Y/N] and I are really excited to be grandparents,” Niall says, unable to hide the smile that spreads across his face.  “That’s great.  We’re really happy for you,” the interviewer says on behalf of the crew of her show.  “Thank you - lots of excitement going around.  The little one is due just a few weeks after we wrap up this tour.”  “That’s great, Niall, such wonderful news,” the interviewer finalizes as the conversation continues on to another topic.

LIAM:  As the “on air” sign lights up again, the guys quickly shush their conversation, still acting like teenagers even though they are all well into their senior with grown children.  “What was that you all were saying?” the radio interviewer asks, trying to get one of them to repeat it on air.  The guys remain quiet, but she prompts, “Oh, come on, I’m sure your fans want to share in whatever it is.”  The four boys stare at Liam who simply says, “I’m really not sure if I’m allowed to say yet.”  “Allowed?  She’s your daughter; you tell her what she’s allowed to do, not the other way around,” Louis scoffs.  Liam laughs and nods as he says, “Alright, well I just got a text from her actually, telling me that she’s pregnant,” he announces.  “Oh, that’s great!” the interviewer chirps as the conversation continues.

HARRY:  “So, Harry, we just have to ask, are the rumors true?  Are you and [Y/N] going to be grandparents?” the young interviewer asks about halfway through her questions.  Harry beams as he says, “Yeah, we are.  We have a little granddaughter coming in about four months.”  “Aw, that’s great!  Do they have any names picked out yet?” she inquires.  “My son and his wife are still trying to pick one.  They’ve got a few in mind that they like, but they are trying to decide on that perfect name, you know?”  “Do you have any opinions or ideas on a name?”  “Nah, I barely even put in much effort picking out Carson’s name,” Harry says through a laugh.  The audience laughs as well before the interviewer segways into another question.

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NIALL:  You two are enjoying a nice meal of pizza and beer in front of a movie when your phone starts ringing.  “What the hell is he calling for?” Niall asks, obviously annoyed as he reads the Caller ID over your shoulder and sees it’s your ex-boyfriend.  “I don’t know…” you reply, confused.  “Hello?” you ask, clicking the talk button.  You sit in silence for a long while, and Niall can hear the desperate tone coming through the phone, but can’t make out what’s being said.  Finally you say, “Look, I’m really flattered, but I’m just not interested.  We broke up for a reason, and I’m really happy with the guy I’m with now.”  At hearing this, Niall takes the phone.  “Yeah, hi, this is the new boyfriend.  I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but last I checked, you and [Y/N] broke up almost two years ago, so let it go,” Niall snaps before disconnecting the call.  “Well then…  Jealous much?” you tease, but feel touched nonetheless.  “I’ve never liked that guy,” Niall states, reaching for his beer and pizza once more.

HARRY:  You’re on the phone with Harry one night before bed when another call comes through.  “Hm, that’s weird,” you mutter.  “What is?” Harry asks.  “Oh, nothing.  One of my ex-boyfriends is just calling,” you tell him.  “Which one?”  Answer it, see what he wants,” Harry urges you.  “Yeah?  I was just gonna ignore him.”  “No, answer it,” he insists, but you don’t miss the jealous tinge to his tone.  You do as instructed and answer the call, only to find out that the guy is only looking for a booty call.  “Who does he think he is?” Harry snarls after telling him what it was all about.  “Yeah, that relationship didn’t last long,” you mention flatly.  “He’s a pig,” Harry comments.  “Indeed he is,” you agree.  “Was he drunk at least?” Harry inquires.  “He didn’t sound it.”  “All the more reason why he’s an ass then,” Harry confirms.  You laugh.  ”Yeah, doesn’t he know I only answer drunk booty calls from you?” you remark sarcastically.  “Exactly!” Harry plays along.

LOUIS:  Looking down at your phone, you scowl when you see who your incoming call is from.  “What’s wrong?” Louis asks, noticing this.  “My stupid ex-boyfriend is calling.  Again,” you tell him, sick of getting these calls.  “What does he want?” Louis inquires, growing the slightest bit annoyed that this guy is still so demanding of your attention.  “I dunno, I never answer,” you explain, going to hit the ignore button.  “No, wait, let me answer it,” Louis stops you, taking the phone and hitting talk.  “Hello?” he asks.  “No, she’s not available.  Can I ask what this is in regards to?” he speaks in an overly-perky tone.  “I see.  Well I’ll have you know that her boyfriend probably wouldn’t like that too much.  I’ll give her the message still if you’d like though.  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Nice talking to you, don’t call back!” he quips cheerily as he ends the call.  “What did he want?” you ask.  “He wanted to know if you were interested in going out to lunch and catching up.”  “He called me nine times in the last two days for that?” you say with a laugh.

ZAYN:  “Hey, babe?  Who’s this guy?” Zayn calls to you from the bedroom.  You’re in the bathroom, putting on your make-up and getting ready to go out while Zayn is in the bedroom, where you’d left your phone, getting dressed.  “What guy?” you ask, joining him in the bedroom.  Zayn hands you your phone, looking a bit unhappy about the unknown guy calling it.  “Ugh!  What does he want?” you grumble.  “That’s the last guy I dated before you.  He was always super clingy and now he’s started calling and texting again,” you explain, feeling just as annoyed as Zayn looks.  You answer the phone and exchange a few minutes of polite conversation before laying down the law.  “Look, as sweet as it is that you’re still interested in me, I’d really appreciate it if you stopped contacting me.”  After a couple more minutes of conversation, you finally hang up.  “Hopefully that will put an end to that,” you say.  “Hopefully,” Zayn agrees as you return to the bathroom.

LIAM:  Things are getting a little heated between you and Liam when you’re interrupted by your phone ringing.  “Don’t answer it,” Liam requests, going in for another kiss.  “But it might be important,” you say through a small, flirty laugh, kissing him back.  You pull away just enough to check your phone, and your brow creases when you see who it is.  You answer, and it doesn’t take long for Liam to figure out exactly who’s on the other end of the line.  When you hang up, Liam looks hurt.  “You interrupted some of our alone time to answer his call?” he asks calmly, but his words are dripping in jealousy.  “Liam, I’m sorry.  You know things ended on good terms with us, and he never calls, so I was worried it might have been an emergency,” you explain.  “It still kinda hurts.  We get very little time together and you choose to answer his call when we do get that time.”  And just like that, things between you are heated for a whole different reason.

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HARRY:  You’d turned your back for two minutes, but that’s all the time Harry had evidently needed.  He traipses over with his arms full of nighties and other pieces of lingerie.  “Ok, try these on,” he instructs handing over the pile.  “What?  No.  Harry, we are supposed to be picking something out together,” you remind him, handing the clothes back.  “It’s my anniversary too, it should be a special night for me too, and I want to see you in one of these,” he insists, flashing you a cheeky smile.  “Alright, I’ll try them on, but I won’t model them for you,” you say firmly.  “What?  Why?” he quetions, the disappointment evident.  “Because I don’t wanna spoil anything for tonight,” you tell him seductively as you take the clothes back from him and head for the fitting rooms.

ZAYN:  “What are we doing at the mall?  I’m exhausted, this jetlag is killing me,” Zayn whines.  He’d just returned from a couple weeks away and wants nothing more than to crash somewhere and sleep.  “Just one thing first.  I promise you it will be worth it.”  As soon as you turn into Victoria’s Secret, his tired eyes perk up.  “What are we doing here?” he asks, raising a flirtatious eyebrow.  “I just thought it would be fun to pick something out together.  Maybe something you hate and can’t wait to get off of me,” you purr suggestively.  “Well, I wasn’t going to say anything, but I kind of hate what you’re wearing right now,” he tries.  You giggle.  “Not gonna work, but I appreciate your effort.”  “It was worth a shot,” he muses with a laugh as you both begin to scour the racks.

NIALL:  “What do you mean you want to go to Victoria’s Secret?” you question, confused by Niall’s request.  You both continue on your way towards the store as Niall says, “Things are getting boring.  I can tell you’re bored,” he adds when you open your mouth to protest.  “Tonight we’re gonna change that.  And it starts with finding you the sexiest bra and panty set this store has to offer.”  Niall’s unusual take-charge attitude has your mind already reeling.  “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I kind of like it,” you mention, biting your lip.  “Oh yeah, tonight is gonna be good,” he predicts, tossing an arm across your shoulders to walk into the store with you.  Before even picking anything out, you can tell it will be a good night based on all the sexual tension that’s suddenly beween you.

LOUIS:  “What about this?” Louis asks, holding a frilly pink blob of fabric in front of him.  “Looks great on you, Lou,” you deadpan.  “What’s wrong with it?” he asks, pulling it away from himself to take another look at it.  “It’s hideous!” you point out bluntly.  “Who cares?  What does it matter what you wear?  I couldn’t care less what you have on - I’m more concerned with getting whatever it is off of you.”  You laugh.  “I know, but we’re going away for a romantic weekend, and a romantic weekend calls for something new and sexy,” you explain.  “If you insist, but I’d be perfectly happy just ripping a pair of sweatpants off of you.”  “Has anyone ever told you how romantic you are?” you joke, picking up an item that catches your eye.  “You know I’m just teasing,” he says, smiling and kissing your temple lightly.

LIAM:  “I don’t know about this.  How does this one even go on?” Liam questions, turning the garment around in his hands repeatedly.  You giggle and take it from him.  “It’s simple.  This goes here, these go there, and those go like this,” you explain.  “I’m never gonna remember that; you’ll be trapped in that thing forever!  Maybe we should get something a little less complicated,” he suggests.  “Liam, you’re too much.  This isn’t that hard to figure out,” you tell him goodnaturedly.  “Maybe not for you.  You’re a girl, you’re genetically programmed to understand these things.”  You laugh at him, returning the item to the rack in search of something a little more simple.

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LIAM:  Walking into the building on your first day at your new school, it feels like the butterflies in your stomach are on overdrive.  “We’ve assigned a student to show you around and get you settled; he should be down here any minute,” the overly-chipper secretary informs you.  Within seconds, Liam Payne opens the door to the office and the secretary is introducing him as your guide.  “Hi,” he greets through a wide grin that looks even more adorable in person.  “Hi,” you try to say, but it comes out more like a whisper.  “I’ll show you to your locker first so you can put your things away, and then we can go from there?” he asks, motioning towards your backpack and coat.  “Yeah, sure, that sounds great.”  He leads the way out of the office and down the hall.  You make sure to stay a step or two behind him so he won’t catch you staring.  After your quick tour, Liam brings you to your first class.  Before parting ways he says, “I noticed we’ll have lunch at the same time today, so if you want, I can meet you at your last morning class and we can have lunch together,” he offers.  You smile and nod, graciously accepting his offer.  “Yeah, I’d love that.  Thanks.”  He flashes you one last smile before turning and heading off to his own class, and it takes everything in your power to contain your inner fangirl.

HARRY:  As you navigate your way through the unfamiliar halls, you can’t help noticing the gaggle of girls gathered and giggling as you turn the corner.  After a second you hear a very deep and familiar voice ring out saying, “I don’t know if I’m even going to homecoming yet, I haven’t really thought much about it.  But I appreciate all the offers.”  You find your locker, just past the group of people, and watch as the girls start to disperse, leaving a lone Harry Styles standing by the windows.  “Hi there,” he says, and it’s then that you realize you’d been staring.  You quickly turn away, blushing, and begin fumbling with your lock.  “Need a hand?” he asks with an amused chuckle.  “I’ve got it, thanks,” you reply, still struggling.  “If you say so,” he jokes, flashing you a smile and revealing those dimples you never thought you’d see in person.  “I’m Harry, by the way,” he introduces himself once you’ve finally managed to get your locker open.  “I know,” you tell him.  “Mind telling me your name?  Because I don’t know as much about you as you seem to know about me,” he teases, laughing lightly.  “Oh, right, sorry.  I’m [Y/N],” you tell him before grabbing your history textbook from the pile in your arms and dumping the rest into your locker.  “Is history your first class?  Maybe we have it together,” he mentions, taking your schedule to check.  And that’s how you end up sitting next to Harry Styles in history all year.

LOUIS:   The bell had rung and your teacher had begun the English class.  A couple of minutes into class, you notice a very familiar guy sneaking into the room.  It only takes a second for you to realize that guy is none other than Louis Tomlinson.  He chooses his timing very carefully, slithering in while the teacher’s back is turned.  He throws himself to the ground and begins crawling behind desks so as not to be noticed by the teacher.  He tmakes sure to do a couple 007-esque rolls for good measure, putting you and your classmates into a fit of laughter.  He slides into his seat across the room just as the teacher turns around.  “What’s going on?  Oh, Louis, when did you come in?” she questions.  “I’ve been here, ma’am,” he lies convincingly, managing to avoid getting detention for being late.  “Oh…I guess I just didn’t see you there,” your teacher mutters before returning to the lesson.  You try your best to focus and ignore the fact that Louis is sitting in the desk right next to yours, but it’s not going so well.  You keep stealing glances at him out of the corner of your eyes.  When you finally manage to concentrate, you’re disturbed by something being stuck in your ear.  You bat it away and turn to see Louis looking at you, holding a pen.  “You’re new,” he whispers.  “Thanks for the update,” you reply sarcastically with a smile.  “Do you always go around sticking pens in people’s ears?” you inquire.  “Nah, that’s special for you,” he jokes.  And from that moment forward, you and Louis continue to talk in class daily and get to become friends.

NIALL:  Sitting alone at lunch, you pick at the food in front of you, not having much of an appetite.  You hate being the new girl and not having any friends, but with the amount that you move around due to your dad’s job, you’d grown used to the lonely feeling.  “You gonna eat that?” a male voice asks as his plastic tray hits the table and he takes a seat next to you.  “Uh, no,” you reply, pushing your tray towards him.  “I’m Niall,” he introduces before picking at your fries.  It’s not until he says his name that you realize who he is.  Oh my God, Niall Horan is eating my lunch! you inwardly freak out.  “I’m [Y/N],” you say, trying to remain calm.  “You’re new around here, huh?  How do you like the place so far?” he strikes up a conversation.  “It’s alright - better now that someone is actually talking to me,” you mention appreciatively.  “Hey, anyone who lets me eat their food is a friend of mine,” he jokes.  “Ah, so the truth comes out; you just wanted my fries,” you kid back.  “That, and you looked like you could use someone to talk to,” he informs you earnestly.  “What’s your schedule look like for the rest of the afternoon?” he inquires, changing the subject to lighten the mood and get you to talk.  You spend the rest of lunch having the most casual conversation with Niall and feeling like he’s genuinely interested in what you have to say.  It comes as no surprise when he tracks you down the following day too.

ZAYN:  You turn a corner, entering a secluded hallway in search of some solitude during lunch.  You figure since you’ll be eating alone anyways, you might as well be truly alone and not amidst gawking eyes.  You can hear someone singing quietly at the end of the hall, and for a second you contemplate finding somewhere else to go, but you don’t want to waste any more time doing that.  You carry on, and the singing stops when you are spotted.  “I thought I was the only one who comes here during lunch,” a teasing voice calls out as the person comes into view.  Zayn Malik.  In the flesh.  “I, uh, sorry,” you mutter, turning to leave.  “It’s alright.  Feel free to join me.  I just like to take a little break from the chaos of school every once in a while,” he informs you, patting the spot on the floor next to him.  “So what brings you here?” he asks.  “I didn’t really feel like eating by myself in the middle of the cafeteria,” you tell him, opening your bottle of water and taking a sip.  “Being the new girl blows,” you mumble as you pull the bottle away from your lips.  “Well, you’re always welcome to join me for lunch here,” Zayn invites.  “Thanks.  You know, you’re the first person to talk to me all day,” you mention.  “And that would be why I eat here.  I don’t care to be in their company any more than I have to,” he explains, referring to your classmates.  The rest of your lunch is filled with more talking and laughter than you’d imagined there would be.

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LOUIS:  As you and Louis stroll through the park, enjoying a warm afternoon, you can’t help but notice a girl that hasn’t stopped staring at him since you’d entered the area.  It’s different from the usual looks his fans give him - this is more of a glare.  “Do you know her?” you whisper.  Before he gets the chance to answer, the girl walks over and says, “Well if it isn’t Louis Tomlinson…  Long time no see.  Yeah, the last time I saw you, you were leaving me on my front porch to cry while you got in your car and drove away like nothing happened,” she snarls.  “We had just broken up, it was a mutual thing, and you told me to leave.  What else was I supposed to do?” Louis asks firmly.  She just eyes you miserably, the tiniest twinge of jealousy showing in her blue eyes.  “I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into with this one,” she spits, directing her words to you.  She storms off, leaving you to scoff.  “She seems pleasant.”  “She’s never been a very nice person; it’s a huge reason why we broke up,” he tells you.  You give his hand a light squeeze and continue your walk, both of you paying no mind to the incident of a moment ago.

LIAM:  “Liam?  Liam, is that you?” a girl’s voice rings out from behind you.  “Liam, hi!” she chirps when you and he turn around.  “Hey!  How are you doing?” he greets amicably, giving her a hug.  He quickly introduces you after she answers his question about how she’s doing.  “It’s so nice to meet you, [Y/N].  I’m glad to see you’re doing so well, Liam,” she tells him genuinely.  “I wish I could stick around and chat for a bit, but I have a train to catch.  It was great runing into you though,” she excuses herself through a smile, saying her goodbyes and heading off.  Liam cringes as soon as she’s gone.  “Sorry about that - I hope that wasn’t too awkward for you,” he mentions.  “Awkward?  Why would it be awkward for you to run into an old friend?” you question, confused.  “Because she’s more of an old girlfriend,” he informs you uneasily.  “That was your ex?!” you exclaim in disbelief.  “Wow, you two are on incredibly good terms, huh?” you ask through a small laugh.  “You could say that,” Liam jokes, giving a quick shrug.

HARRY:  “Oh, geeze, keep walking,” Harry says in a hushed tone, ushering you quickly out of the store you’d just walked into.  “What is wrong with you?” you press irritably.  “I thought you said you wanted to go in there because there was something that you wanted to look at?” you remind him.  “We can come back later,” he insists, trying to walk as far away from the entrance of that store as he can.  He finally pops into the small pet store, several storefronts away.  “What is this all about?  What’s wrong?” you interrogate, crossing your arms across your chest as Harry distracts himself by playing with a puppy.  “My ex was in there,” he finally tells you.  “Which one?  I didn’t see anyone familiar.”  “Don’t worry about which one.  The point is that she was there and things didn’t exactly end well between us, so I’d rather not run into her if I can help it.”  “Well, it’s nice to see you too,” a girl’s voice deadpans from a few feet away, and Harry grimaces as she comes into the store.

NIALL:  Separating from your friends for a moment, you go off in search of Niall and his friends somewhere around the bar.  You manage to track him down through the crowd, spotting him with the group, laughing and talking.  As you approach, you recognize a girl in the group who you hadn’t arrived with.  It only takes a moment to realize who she is.  “Oh my God, hi!” you exclaim happily, wrapping the girl in a hug.  “What are you doing here?!  You look great!” she compliments you.  “You two know each other?” Niall asks uncomfortably, looking like a deer caught in the headlights.  “Yeah!  We were best friends in high school, but lost touch gradually through college,” you tell him.  “How do you two know each other?” your friend asks, gesturing between you and Niall.  “Niall’s my boyfriend,” you reply simply, causing your friend to start laughing.  “What?” you ask, looking between the two of them.  “Niall and I dated ages ago!” she explains through her laughter.  You get a good chuckle out of it too, and Niall just takes an extra long swig of his beer.

ZAYN:  “Isn’t that the last girl you dated before me?” you ask Zayn quietly, nodding your head in the direction you’re looking across the room.  Zayn turns slightly in his chair in order to glance over his shoulder.  “Yyyyup, that would be her,” he confirms, turning back to you with a twisted look on his face.  “Oh stop it.  She’s obviously here with someone, so I’m sure she’ll leave you alone,” you assure him, taking a sip of your wine.  Zayn stabs at his meal in front of him, looking more tense than he had a moment ago.  “Knock it off,” you request lightly.  “Just forget I said anything and let’s have a nice meal, yeah?” you ask.  He eyes you skeptically and sighs.  “Ah, look, she’s getting up to leave now anyways.  Perfect timing,” you point out.  Zayn steals another quick glance in her direction.  “I just hope she doesn’t pass by this way,” he mutters.  You notice that her gaze scans your end of the restuarant, landing momentarily on Zayn.  You half-expect her to at least smile or wave to him, but she ignores his presence and slips into her coat, exiting the area without a second thought.  “Whew, that was close!” Zayn states, picking up another forkful of food, leading you to roll your eyes in amusement.